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Re Entry Action Plan Essay

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Submitted by:

Hon. Agustin G. Garilva Jr.

SB Member

Diploma on Local Governance

Central Philippine University



The Municipality of Concepcion is found in the North East portion of Panay Island, 109 km from Iloilo City, geographically isolated with 17 islands and islets. Bounded by three municipalities, Ajuy in the South, Sara in the West and San Dionisio in the North and Visayan Sea up to the South East. The Municipality is composed of 25 barangays, 14 mainland and 11 island barangays, with the population of 36,881 as to 2007 Census on Population conducted by the ...view middle of the document...

Board passer teachers end up as volunteers and even as domestic helpers. Local School Board could hire only 10 teachers which are mostly in High Schools. Noticeably Parent-Teacher-Association and Student Organization in barangays are less represented in the federation.

There are 59 day care centers scattered in 25 barangay , a venue for Early Child Education and an indirect way of fighting poverty, parents can leave their children and be able to do livelihood/ extra income for the family. Some DCC are 8-10 yrs old and needs rehabilitations, lack of chairs, leaking roofs, deteriorating conditions and needs to be look back by LGU.

In the social sector, Persons with Disability, Senior Citizens, Solo Parents take an active participation in governance, the LGU recognizes their office (Person with Disability Affairs Office, Office of the Senior Citizens Affair) and were given honorariums. The business sector, had the biggest number of membership, but the problem is, it not well organize and recognize by the LGU, and after organizing, it dies on its natural death. Lack of activities, lack of involvement, less commitment by members. The religious sector is participative, although quite defiant on their stand when issues touches the environment and family planning. The Roman Catholics has the most number of organization, while the Aglipayans are few but very participative and the Christians, mostly organizations of Pastors. The children, youth , women, solo parents and erpat although organized and participative, but does not have specific and sustainable programs.

The transport sector, includes land and sea based, jeepney, tricycle, pedicab, pumpboats for hire, and single motorcycle for hire are also active. Although their attendance on any activities that involving them is a problem, it is maybe because of poverty that they won’t miss a minute in looking for livelihood.

The Agriculture and the Fishery sectors are also organized although participation is less, mis-communication, distance, geographical location/weather, commitment , information dissemination and attitude of fisherfolks and farmers themselves are considered hindrances on their participation, they seems to prioritize their daily food sustenance rather than attending to meetings.

The individual concern of each organization is how to alleviate poverty. How are they going to improve their lives by joining organizations? These questions are still unanswered by the LGU, if replied, under to what extent have they felt that they have changed their lives?


The Local Government Unit is trying its best to combat the vicious cycle of poverty, through integrated programs and or convergence of different programs. Initially, reforming the internal structures of the Local government unit, strengthening the capability of the human resources, and reviewing their capabilities. Proper...

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