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Family Assessment: Functional Health Patterns
Pamela Obiadi
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V-O507
May 10, 2015

Family Assessment: Functional Health Patterns
The selected family is the Nguyen family, who are originally from Vietnam. They came to America in 1993; and have lived in the U.S. for over 20 years. Their family consists of father, mother, two boys and two girls. Given that this family has been in the U.S. for a long time, it is interesting to evaluate their health patterns from various perspectives. This paper is aimed at summarizing the health patterns of Nguyen family and identifying wellness-nursing diagnosis based on the findings from the assessment.
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For example, a typical dinner for them would include a portion of white rice, meat (beef, or chicken), and soup with some variation in vegetables as an alternative. One of their special condiments is soy sauce. It was mentioned that only the parents are currently taking supplemental vitamins, and it is not on a daily basis. The reason behind this was shown to be strongly related to their cultural upbringing (Nguyen, personal communication, May 7, 2015).
The sleep and rest patterns among the Nguyen family is quite unanimous among every member, except for the mother. They have no difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep, and they are able to take naps on daily basis. On the other hand, the mother sometimes, feels restless during the day because she lacks quality sleep at night. She also mentioned that her sleeping patterns are irregular. Overall, the family finds relaxation in doing things, like watching television, listening to music, or taking walks (Nguyen, personal communication, May 7, 2015).
With regards to the pattern of bowel movement among the Nguyen family, two individuals have regular bowel movement, one individual who is lactose intolerance has a tendency of experiencing diarrhea, and three individuals are more likely to experience constipation with unknown cause. However, when the constipation reaches a certain severity, they would resort to drinking prune to aid bowel movement. While everyone has experienced UTI, the youngest son have more recurring episode. They demonstrated positive outcome with the use of cranberry juice as this helps to ease his urinary flow and reduce UTI recurrence (Nguyen Family, personal communication, May 7, 2015).

The Nguyen family believes that it’s important to have physical activity within their daily routine; however, it has not been of great success in keeping it consistent. The parents prefer to take a walk in the morning. As for the children, it varies, with the youngest son being in high school, he is more active when compared to his older siblings. Even, he does have physical education as part of his curriculum. For the other siblings, their physical activities are irregular (Nguyen Family, personal communication, May 7, 2015).
The cognitive concept is more focused on the parent. Both share similar interest in reading, and babysitting their grandchildren. The best activity that would help keep their mind active at an older age is the frequent interaction with their grandchildren. Researchers have examined the role of grand parenting on cognition; it indicates that, regular social interaction can have a positive effect on the mental health of seniors (Sauer, 2014). No issues of memory loss exist in Nguyen immediate family. However, the father’s mother currently suffers Alzheimer’s disease, which was caused by genetic factors (Nguyen Family, personal communication, May 7, 2015).

For the Nguyen family,...

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