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Re: Unit I Discussion Board Essay

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Assignment 1
Chellyn Jones
Columbia Southern University

Type of website I will design base on BMX and Skateboard for orphanages across United the States. The audience that I want to attract will be all ages of youth and young adolescent that want to donate old bicycle parts and skateboards, which can be refurbished. Millions of children are in foster care, group homes and orphanages without any family guide and left alone in the system. Most families in low income cannot afford to offer bikes or skateboards for their children. If you ...view middle of the document...

Have Bio of each cofounder of the organization and how their duties help the project.
2. Sharing stories from the other volunteers and how they inter acting with orphanage’s and show visual conformation when each skateboard and bike is donate to any facility. Showing press release statements, articles, or blogs that are posted on the website. Have the website link to Facebook and Instagram so other people can see on daily basis how the organization working and see different children receive their bikes and Skateboards from the donations. I will have links to click on so the user can view the whole organization and see how the product is deliver.
3. There will be link that you can click on to leave comment or any suggestions about the site. Two way communication will be offer to the user so communication will be established between the user and any other volunteer that using the site at the time. Physical location, phone numbers, email address will be set up for access. Website will offer drop downs forms so that user can submitted their blogs and any other information to help the organization.
5. Bright happy colors will be used on the website. RED, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange
6.  You can't learn a new stunt without a few falls. If...

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