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The Study of Ethics

Ethics comes from the greek word ethos, ethics is defined as “the practical and
philosophical science of the morality of human act. Ethics deals more on principles and
law on the morality of human acts. It provides with knowledge that he may know what to
do and how to do it. Thus, ethics provides the guides to the performance of an act. As a
science, it is a body of systematized knowledge arranged with its accompanying
explanation. As a practical science, it ...view middle of the document...

Anselm of Italy (1033-430 AD)

* St. Thomas of Aquinas (1225-1274)
They accepted the philosophical teaching of Ancient Philosophers in their view that man
is composed of body and soul. But they incorporated the idea in Church’s teaching. They
hold that the human soul is a spiritual being essentially present in his body. But they
affirmed that the human body is corruptible or material entity.

Oriental Philosophers
* Lao-Tse – encourages man to be virtuous in order to attain Tao

* Confucius – taught man with his “Golden Rule” in order to attain
happiness and self-protection.
* Gautama Buddha – “The Enlightened One”, taught man that “ man must

strive for happiness” and “happiness can not be attained in this world for

it is a state of peace.

They both hold that the only way for a man to reach happiness is to liberate

himself from the slavery of sensual pleasures of this world and from selfishness. The soul

is the one to reach happiness for the body is rather a hindrance.


Hedonism, to be more specific, Ethical Hedonism, is a school of thought that

argues that pleasure is only the intrinsic good; it states that pleasure has an ultimate

importance and is the most important pursuit of humanity and that is the only thing that is

good for a person. In very simple term, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure.

Ethical Hedonism is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in

their power to achieve the greatest pleasure possible to them. It is also the idea that every

person’s pleasure should far surpass their amount of pain. Ethical Hedonism is said to

have been started by Aristippus of Cyrene, a student of Socrates. He held the idea that

please is the highest good.

Some people might think that as long as a person is not hurting someone else

with their actions and behaviour, there is nothing wrong with attending the calls of their

physical body. But to sum it all up, I don’t think a life in constant pursuit of only pleasure

is entirely good thing. That’s when it becomes a selfish behaviour and a superficial

lifestyle. People need ups and downs and more meaningful pursuits as human beings, and

it’s what gives us substance, character and empathy.

Human Acts

Human act means any sort of activity, internal or external, bodily or spiritual
done by a human being. In Ethics, acts are said to be human only if those act are proper
to man as man. As a human being, a man has certain acts in common with the animals.
This may lead us to differentiate between “Human Acts” and “Acts of Man”. The Acts of
Man is an activity of man as animal; they are instinctive and are not within the control of
the will. Another meaning made by Paul J. Glenn was; an act which proceeds from the
deliberate of man. Hence, they do not demand responsibility on the art of the agent, they
are simply moral acts. There are three signs of...

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