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Reaction To "A Class Divided" Essay

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Kiana Stinney |
A Class Divided |
Reactionary Paper |
Period 1 |
5/16/2013 |


Watching A Class Divided really brought along a lot of different feelings. First and foremost I learned from watching the kid’s scene that you work better when you feel better and when you feel confident. The scene that I’ll probably remember most is when Ms. Elliot did the test on the adults. It was shocking and interesting to see how adults act in such a situation where as they are being discriminated against. I hope it showed many people how African Americans felt and sometimes still feel. The part that surprised me was the scene with the kids, when one group felt like they were in power; they completely turned on the other group with no remorse. Best friends became worst enemies, and they didn’t even think twice about it. I feel as though Ms. Elliot’s way of showing these kids about discrimination and racism was very effective, in a way she ...view middle of the document...

Should this exercise be done with all children? I think so. I feel that it is important for every child to learn in the early stages of life that everybody under the sun is created equally. We may not look the same, or dress the same, some of us may have a higher social status than others but at the end of the day we still walk the same Earth, nobody is better than the next. By doing this exercise with all kids it gives them a feel of what discrimination is like, it might make them feel a little upset in the inside when they aren’t in power but at the same time it’ll show them how other people may feel if they were in that position, and hopefully it’ll make kids everywhere see how bad it is to discriminate. We’ve always been taught to treat people how we want to be treated, but at the same time, some of us were never taught how to treat people. While in the prison seminar, one of the white women said that all people face some kind of discrimination, another women disagrees by saying that whites can’t really know what it’s like to face discrimination every minute of every day, I agree with the second woman. There is no way that a white person will ever feel or know what it’s like to face the discrimination that African Americans felt in the 1900s. They may feel little discrimination against them these days, but I highly doubt that. In the documentary the kids didn’t refuse to obey their teacher, even during the exercise, but surprisingly when doing the exercise with the adults, they didn’t refuse to obey her either. None of the adults really stood their ground, as Ms. Elliot kept throwing out negative comments, the adults never really argued with her. I feel that this is because if they would have argued it would have made them seem argumentative and disobedient which would have just made the situation worst. When being discriminated against, you feel hopeless. Maybe some of them felt hopeless. Maybe they felt as if their words wouldn’t mean anything, even if spoken. Discrimination isn’t as bad as it was back in the days, but it isn’t all gone either. If we keep this film going maybe the world will be a better place.

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