Reaction To A Social Justice Issue

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Reaction to a Social Justice Issue
Linh Nguyen
University of Central Florida

Reaction to a Social Justice Issue
These days, newspaper and television are full of reports about child mistreatment, therefore, child abuse is very common social justice issue. Child abuse is an action that will result in harm to a child or put a child's life at risk. A child can be physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglected. Every year, there are thousands of children are physically abused by no one else but their parents or relatives (Child Abuse).
Although a child can be neglected or suffers from physical damage, he/she has to suffer the most from emotional damage because those emotional traumas can ...view middle of the document...

More importantly, that child should get treatment afterwards as soon as possible in order to recover, regain self-confident and trust faster (Child Abuse).
When I was researching about child abuse and neglect, I was surprised by how this issue can be a big problem to the society, how it can damage children’s mental and physical health significantly. Then, I suddenly thought about the topic that I was discussing in leadership class about privileges. Privilege can be defined as a right, which is specified and granted to a person, a member of a society, or a group of people. Before, I used to think that family is a basic right that everyone deserves to have and should have. It is believed to be “The thing that never leaves you even if you have to leave it” (Seita). However, I realized that having a loving family is a privilege that not anyone is lucky enough to have.
When thinking about how my privileges can benefit me by shaping my personalities, I wondered if victims of child abuse have these privileges? Were they mainly living in fear during their childhood? A large number of children today are engaging in life without the foundation of a reliable family (Seita). Growing up with only little or no support from family have hindered those victims’ the ability to develop themselves to the fullest in different aspects of their life, therefore, many of their talents were left unexplored. Postponing a report of an abusive case will likely to decrease that child’s chances to fully recover. For this reason, we should take action right now to help the victims of child abuse, in order for them to be able to recover from those bad memories of when they were being abused to prevent further damage to their mental as well as their physical health.
Research has shown that 9 is the average age of abused children and 22% of all of them are only under 8 years old (7 Ways). Moreover, 34% of all cases are caused by the victims’ family members (7 Ways). Up to 59% of them are abused by those who the victims’ family trust the most because abusers are often try to be closer to the victims’ family (7 Ways). So it is very important that you should inform yourself about the issue by learning about the consequences to decrease the risks of sexual abuse to others child and even your own child. Through observing external factors, you should be able to identifying and modifying those adults who have the signs of a abuser (7 Ways). Make sure to not leave your child alone with one adult. Further, be sure to minimize your child’s...

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