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Read To Me Essay

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 Why a love of reading is so important in learning to read.
 How to instill children's love for reading, as a teacher or parent (what are your suggestions or ideas for promoting children's motivation of reading)?

The Read to Me Project is targeted at students in pre-school. This program is structured to help in the development of reading skills in young children before kindergarten. By encouraging young children to read you are opening up a gateway to a promising future.

As a parent and a teacher you know how important reading is. Teaching reading to young children has too many benefits to list but here’s a few:
* Reading encourages academic excellence
* Language Skills are improved
* Communication skills are increased
The issue with learning how to read is that it can be complex to those who have no ...view middle of the document...

So how can we instill the love of reading into your minds? This challenge begins at home. Parents should start off by introducing the alphabet to their child. This can be done in a fun way such as the Alphabet Song. Another way to encourage the love of reading is by visiting the Public Library. Most libraries today have story telling circles on different days of the week. Children are introduced to books and songs during this time. Parents should take this time to encourage their child to pick out a book to read. Instead of giving children video games and electronic devices replace these with a book. Try to engage your child to read as much as they can daily. I believe that young children enjoy when they are read to. You are creating a world for them. By reading and showing the pictures to the stories we know that they minds are intrigued and want to know more. Some parents may also utilize this time as a rewards program. Create a program that focuses on a certain letter every day of the week and ask your child to find words that began with that letter. Make reading fun; make learning fun. We know that things are exciting to children they tend to be involved more.
Also per Shomshak (2004) we should be aware on these three factors on why some children do not care to read:
1. Frustration - pushed by parental or school expectations, given too difficult books for skills resulting in failure and disappointment.
2. Boredom - if it is not interesting, they won't read it. Reputation of the book is secondary to appeal.
3. Pressure - you can't force someone to love anything. Belittling or negative remarks about choice of reading, reading skills, intelligence, etc. will discourage reading. If they can't live up to unrealistic expectations, many will simply quit reading to avoid conflict.

Shomshak, L., (2004), For the love of reading, Retrieved Feb. 2012 from

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