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Reading A Strategic Plan Essay

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Assignment One
Reading a Strategic Plan

As a volunteer radio presenter for ArtsoundFM in Canberra, I am very interested in community radio and its benefits to the local community through its varied program mix and community announcements. With this in mind, I have selected the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) to evaluate their Strategic Plan. I see the benefit of this organisation, in terms of them being an “independent non-profit funding agency”, to be valuable to their stakeholders.

The primary purpose of the CBF is to “solicit funds and disburse such funds for the maintenance and development of the community broadcasting sector, in an ethical and transparent manner”. These ...view middle of the document...

The CBF has a number of strategies attached to each of the above points to help them accomplish the required outcomes. Most notably they need to maintain a clear dialogue with all relevant stations, peak sector organisations and funding sources, in order to ensure that the needs of all parties remains relevant. They will be actively seeking comments from all parties on the grant process, and will also be reviewing their “grant processes against best practice in grant-making on a regular basis”. This is a major strategy that the CBF has and one that I see as being crucial to their plan. Without feedback from all parties and regular reviews, they may run the risk of being out-of-touch with their stakeholders.

The CBF have identified that the community broadcasting sector is “independent, volunteer based and not-for-profit”. The services that are offered by these organisations are therefore not catered for by commercial and public broadcast media. To this end, the CBF have a justifiable case for obtaining support from all levels of government to guarantee that services provided are suitably maintained and expanded upon. This recognizes the unique contribution to “Indigenous, Ethnic, Radio for the Print Handicapped and other specialists audiences”.

In order for the CBF to raise their public profile, they are advocating participating in collective lobbying of key politicians and advisers, as well as develop parliamentary advocates. This will no doubt raise the awareness at all levels of government and give the Foundation suitable resources to raise their profile to all stakeholders.
The CBF are also well aware that regular annual reviews of their Plan will assist them in delivering...

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