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Reading And Writing Development Essay

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Reading and Writing Development
AED 202 -Child Development

One learns to speak to express one’s feelings and communicate with others. One learns skills that are vital to the development of literacy during early language development. Reading and writing are essential to help one function not only in school, but on the job and out in society as well. Introduction to reading from an early age helps a child throughout different stages of development as well as of different stages in his or her life.
The two age groups that I find to be the most interesting would be Early Childhood (two-six years) and Middle Childhood (six-ten years). Even though these two age groups are very ...view middle of the document...

Early childhood children do not have a long attention span when they enter preschool. It is difficult for them to sit still for long periods of time; therefore, it is difficult for them to sit still long enough to understand the concept of reading. Children enjoy having a story read to them by their parent(s) or care giver but they will rarely remain stationary long enough to read an whole book.
It is important that parents work with their children at home as well as their teachers do with them in school. Some activities that parents can provide to their children to help develop his or her reading and writing skills is to read to him or her on a daily basis, use flash cards, teach them to write his or her name, and allow the child to read a book to his or her parents at bed time. It is important to make sure a child spends time with other children outside of the home to develop other skills such as sharing. As a teacher I would make sure that any homework I assigned would involve both the child and the parents.
As a child’s skills develop I believe as a teacher it is my duty to show the parents of the children in my class how their efforts are advancing their child’s skills in reading and writing. At the beginning of the school year I would test the child on reading, writing, cooperation with other children, and how well the child shares with others. Once I have determined the results of the test I would have a parent/teacher conference with each child’s parents to show them how their child is developing and what areas may need to be improved upon.
One thing I remember about kindergarten, first and second grade is watching educational programs on the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS). As a teacher I would I would provide this type of educational programs two days per week. These programs allow the children to learn to count, how to say their alphabet, how to write their alphabet, and how to use their words properly. However, it is important for parents to realize that the television is not a permanent babysitter and that not everything on television is appropriate for children.
During Middle Childhood children begin to develop more skills from their environment. As a teacher I would attempt to work with...

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