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Reading Comprehension Essay

573 words - 3 pages

*Attempt one of* the following topic*s* :
A) A Report
The following guide words and phrases may help you :
Give shade / protect / heat / provides / wood / factories / natural herbal medicine / animals / natural homes.
OR :
(B) letter
NB: Your name is Sara/Ali and your address is Po Box 5665 Salwa, Kuwait.
The following guide words and phrases may help you:
Best friend – widen minds – better thinking – great ideas – develops imagination – new information – libraries – free time.
II. Reading *C*omprehension (*6*0 *M*arks)
Read the following passage carefully, then answer the questions below:
Vitamins are very necessary for good health . Their absence causes serious diseases. Foods that contain vitamins called protective foods because they protect us from certain diseases.
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Milk and cheese have vitamin B in them
The vitamin in lemon juice is called vitamin C. It helps your body heal when you cut yourself or burn yourself. It helps your body use the calcium in food for your bones and teeth. Oranges, Lemons, grapefruit and tomatoes have vitamin C in them.
Vitamin D makes your bones grow straight and strong. It also helps your teeth. It prevents a serious disease called rickets. Vitamin D is found in fish, If you expose your body to the sunlight enough.
Tick the best answer from a, b, c or d: (3x8=24* Marks*)
1- "Protective food" is the food that
c) prevents diseases. d) protects our bones from being broken.
3- Different types of foods contain vitamin D such as
c) fruit and vegetables. d) milk and cheese.
4- The absence of vitamins doesn't affect our health. (×)
c) answer the following questions in complete sentences : (2x6=12* Marks*)
7- why are vitamins important for us?
8- What causes some children to lose appetite and stop growing properly?
*Summary making (20 Marks*) Read the following passage and then answer the summary question below:
Paper is thin material mainly used for writing upon, printing upon or packaging. It is produced by pressing together moist fibers. The earliest recorded forms of paper were in use in Egypt in around 3500 BC, made from the papyrus plant, true paper is believed to have originated in China in approximately the second century AD, although there is some evidence for it being used before this date. The use of paper spread from China through the Islamic world, and entered production in Europe in the early 12th century.
Summary Question :
In four sentences of your own, write down how paper was spread around the world.
Paper was first used in Egypt. However, It was originates in China in the second century. Then its use was spread through the Islamic world. It interred production in Europe in the early 12th century.
End of questions

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