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Reading Report

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Reading report of the Adventure of Tom Sawyer
I think that every young person used to have the dream of travelling around the world and trying to find the treasure, but most of them just hold it as a dream ,not take it into action. In the book The adventure of Tom Sawyer you can see a very exciting and mind-blowing story,which shows a young boy’s adventure life. It is one of the best-written novels of Mark Twain, which brings the fresh recollections of Mark Twain’s memory of his childhood. Tom Sawyer ,who is always causing mischief and troubles, but sets a new and original image which is totally different from the other children. In the novel, Tom Sawyer with Huck Finn leads a typical ...view middle of the document...

It will only be read by adults.” It is only written for adults." It seems that Mark Twain had much more to express except for the golden memories for childhood and the exciting adventures of immoral kids, and I reckon that he did. The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, the book has nothing dealt directly with slavery and racism, for example, in the murder, and, we can smell the signs of discriminations, but Twain seemed to be unwilling to make it clear. But the book applied more touches on a picture of boyhood life along the Mississippi River, trying to use Tom Sawyer as a bridge between the adulthood and childhood to explore the weak natures of human beings—people’s selfishness and obsession with the value of money. Tom is the idealist with his immaturity to find the result of a war between the society where justice is served and asocial community without all the scruples. It is the deepest lesson which Twain tried to tell all the adult readers.
Many people have different comments on this book including some particular and sharp critics. I admit that this novel cannot compare with other great novels like the adventure of Robinson Crusoe. but Mark Twain wrote it with all the enthusiasm of tracing his great memories and with a sense of humor. According to my reading, Twain carefully built all the characters and all of them were originated from his past experience of living Hannibal, a river town near the Mississippi with a medium population. Mark Twain started a literary departure by using humorous words, applying the vivid suspicion and folklore...

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