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Reading Report – Business To Business Transactions

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This report deals with business to business transaction models and various types systems that businesses implement to achieve efficiencies. It details how the increases in technology has made certain possibilities of business to business interactions that were impossible before, whether it was due to the lack of efficiency or lack of tools needed for such interactions to be possible. The internet has ushered in a whole new world of possibilities in business to business interactions. It is one of the major reasons why the expansion of business activities into the digital cyberspace have been an absolute necessity for an organization to be competitive in its market.
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This happens when the businesses in question need specific items for their production of their item. For example, General Motors might have a relationship with Good Year tires and other tire companies for their need of tires for the cars that they produce. General Motors might have an automated business to business transaction system where depending on the amount of cars that they produce in a day, General Motors might order a specific number of tires based on a projection of how many cars that they will produce tomorrow. A horizontal market transaction is one that involves other businesses that provide goods and services of other industries dissimilar to its own. An example of this can be seen in the consulting industry. A business, let's assume General Motors again, wants to figure out a better control system in their payroll system so that most if not many of their disbursements will be made automatically. A consulting firm who specializes in payroll efficiency and optimization can come into General Motors to suggest several options. They can even implement the system that General Motors choose to go with. This all involves industries other than the automotive segment, such as consulting service and payroll system implementation service.
There are several business to business models categorized by the ownership of the said operation. In a company centric model, there is one company in relations with many different companies. For example, General Motors might have relationships to many different tire companies depending on the type of cars that they make. A Camaro might need tires from Good Year in their opinion, and a Silverado might need different tires from Michelin. If you expand this to their various different lines of the types of car that they make, they might choose a tire company to provide them with products based on different criteria. Perhaps truck tires are rated the best with Michelin, thus that is the reason why General Motors went with Michelin for the tires for their Silverado pickup truck line. Perhaps performance tires are better serve on the Good
Year brand, thus that is why they went with Good Year in terms of their Camaro sports car line. Perhaps they will need a cheaper alternative for their economy car lines such as the Aveo. These are all examples of one business having commerce relationships with several different competitive companies.
Another different way of looking at this operation ownership model is when you have one business selling to different businesses. In taking the General Motors as an example again, General Motors might provide cars for many different rental companies for their fleet. They can provide their economy cars to many different companies depending on the rental companies definition of the best buy. But this does not mean exclusive...

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