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Reading Rubric Essay

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Child has established a top left starting point Model these behaviors - clear demonstrations with few words

Child displays consistent left to right movement across text Give praise and positive reinforcement for any attempts that are close to what is required

Child is able to match words in speech to words in text, Starting point
one after the other Point to the starting position on the page or line

Child is able to locate the first letter of lines Place a signal such as a green sticker to indicate the starting point to the left of the text

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Child stops because he ran out of words or had too many “Point to each one”
words when attempting to one-to-one match “Point and make the words match”
“Did it match?”

Child shows signs of dissatisfaction with puzzled looks, “Look at the picture.”
verbal complaints, using a finger, or making appeals “What happened in the story when ...”
for help “Remember that they .....”

Child makes several attempts at a word “I liked the way you did that. But can you find the hard part (word)?”
“I like the way you did that. You found the hard part. Where was it?”

Child returns along a line of print to the sentence “Why did you stop?”
beginning, or several words, or only one word “What did you notice?”

Child makes several attempts at a word “What would you expect to see at the beginning
or the end?”
“Were you right?”
Child stops because the word he just read incorrectly is “How did you know?”
one of his known words
“Try that again.”
Child realizes text just read has nothing to do with what’s
in the picture and/or story

Confirming: child repeats correct response



Child gets movement and language occurring together Point up discrepancies “It could be .... but look at .....”
in a coordinated way, and knows when he has run out
of words Insert possible words so that the child can
confirm the response using some letter
Child checks language prediction by looking at some knowledge:
letters “Could it be?”
“What would you expect to see at the beginning of ....
Child can hear the sounds in a word he speaks and checks At the end of ....?”
whether the...

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