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Real-Life Financial Data
From the textbook, financial statement is a formal record of the financial
activities and position of a business, person, or other entity, it takes an important role
in the business. Financial statement only shows past activities, however, people can
estimate future business operation through the data. Here is the analysis of both Walt
Disney Company and Woodruff Arts Center.
1. Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney Company is an American diversified multinational mass media
and entertainment public company, which is founded in October 16, 1923. (Walt
Disney official website) In the report, the company listed six executive officers that
are responsible for all ...view middle of the document...

However, on June 24, 2015 the company declared $0.66 per
share dividend for the first half of fiscal 2015 for shareholders of record on July 6,
2015. We can figure out that people spend more money to invest the stocks; the profit
they get is less than before. Even though the company spends more dividends, the
total number of shares is a huge number, that’s why people get less in 2015.

I would recommend people still to invest Disney, because the “revenues for
fiscal 2015 increased 7%, or $3.7 billion, to $52.5 billion; net income attributable to
Disney increased 12%, or $881 million, to $8.4 billion; and diluted earnings per share
attributable to Disney (EPS) for the year increased 15%, or $0.64 to $4.90.” The
company’s situation shows a blooming condition, although the short-time business
can’t pay shareholders’ much more dividends, people would earn more in the longterm business operations.

In fact, this report summarizes the current financial situation for Disney, for
instant, domestic and international, different entertainment aspects or industries, each
financial account in the balance sheets and etc. It’s difficult for me to understand the
influence or effect of income tax and noncontrolling interests. What do these data
represent for?
2. Woodruff Arts Center
Woodruff Arts Center is a major visual and performing arts center located in
Atlanta, Georgia. The center is a nonprofit organization and opened in 1968. Since it
is a nonprofit company, profits are usually not taxed and corporation doesn’t issue
stocks or paying dividends.
From the report, we can see that this corporation paid money to third party or
preparer to summarize the report for public and government. Donating...

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