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Real Madrid Marketing Essay

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Real Madrid received the award of the world’s most successful soccer club due to its multiple wins: thirty one national leagues, nine European Cups and sixty other championships.
Although Real Madrid is currently ranked forth of top fifteen professional soccer clubs in 2003, followed by Manchester united (1st place), Juventus (2nd place), AC Milan (3rd place). (See Appendix: Figure 1) To catch up with competitors, Real Madrid set three interrelated goals: (1) increase financial flexibility; (2) assemble a team of top players; and (3) expand Real Madrid brand across a variety of channels. This paper will address the goals of developing local players to save the enormous ...view middle of the document...

Having professional-performance soccer players to play for Real Madrid is important. If fans prefer the super player of another team, they may switch their loyalty easily.
Increase the number of fans & Develop local players

In Soccer, the number of fans defines the target market, so it is intimately related to revenue. Triumph is an essential factor because this encourages fans to go to the stadium, buy branded goods and increase television audience. The number of fans is a result of social exposure and its popularity within a family. Children follow their parent’s footstep, and they become fans of the same team. As a child, it is easy to change team allegiances; as an adult, it is more difficult to switch teams because one is easily labeled as a traitor or a non-committed individual. As an adult it is very difficult nearly impossible to change teams because one is easily labeled as a traitor or a non-committed individual. Therefore, Real Madrid should market more in the children sector. For example, create a webpage special for kids with games; encourage soccer at the schools; soccer camp; "the soccer parks" Real Madrid’s strategy to seize and earn titles has to do with purchasing the best players in the market. In 2000 during the Florentino Perez administration, the club created “The Galácticos”, super star soccer players who aided Real Madrid in winning important games. The key players of the “Galácticos” were: Luís Figo (60 million euro from Barcelona) – who joined in 2000; Zinedine Zidane (76 million euro from Juventus) – who signed in 2001; Ronaldo (43 million euro from Internazionale) – who joined in 2002 and David Beckham (35 million euro from Manchester United) – who later joined in 2003. From 2000 until the present time, Real Madrid has spent millions of euro on talented soccer players, with its last acquisition-Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United-costing 96 million euro. Instead of acquiring super star players, Real Madrid could focus more on developing new talent. Other countries, such as Brazil and Argentina continue to develop local talents as opposed to investing in well-known players. For example are Ronaldo Kaká, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos. Real Madrid could develop a sponsorship that encourages children to play soccer; a strategy that invests in raising potential superstars as well as encourage local school teams and sponsor promising players.
Mobile & Social Media

Real Madrid’s strength is in their numbers. They rely heavily on their fan base because without their fans, they amount to nothing. Having great players and winning games is just a part of the soccer world. Loyalty to a team is commitment that is lasting. Over the years, many soccer teams try to win as many fans as possible and keep the remaining ones happy. They promote themselves through buying star players, having successful winning streaks and selling t-shirts. Now they need to engage their fans worldwide. The only way to do this is...

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