Real Time Earthquakes Essay

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Real Time Earthquakes
Luis Perez
Kaplan University
July 31, 2012

The patterns that I observed I’ve noticed that the majority of earthquakes occur along the shorelines of California all the way to the coast of Washington. There are some small amounts of seismic activity in the central part of the United States and also on the eastern shore of the United States. Most of their earthquakes range up 6 to 8 on the scale. These earthquakes occur along the Pacific coast and continue southward along the Pacific coast and North along the Pacific coast. According to the map, there are a few states in the northern region that don’t see any seismic activity including parts of Texas and Florida.
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It does not other as much because I know what to do. I know the red zone is considered to be known for high magnitude earthquakes. I really feel comfortable staying and living in a red area.
The USGS has resources on their website that are very helpful for earthquake preparedness. The web site has information of what supplies my family would need after a major earthquake. Also it tells and shoes what to do and see what kind of damage to look out like gas lines or water lines. Knowing what to do after an earthquake and during is important because perhaps this could the best way to prepare my family for any earthquake or any other disaster. Practicing an evacuation plan will be a good idea that way every family member will be ready and safe.

The most destructive earthquakes on the list from what I saw are as follows;
2012/04/11,08:38,2.311,93.063,8.6,Off the west coast of northern Sumatra
2011/03/11,05:46,38.322,142.369,9.0,Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

The two most recent earthquakes from are as follows;
44km NW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga, 4.8 Mag
112km ESE of Pondaguitan, Philippines, 4.6 Mag

With all of this information and data, it tells that scientist and researchers have come a long on how to predict earthquakes more efficiently. As time goes new technology gets...

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