Reality Tv Programs Essay

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Jacquelyn Desrosiers
October 9, 2008
AP English III
Period F
Reality TV Programs
            Since the creation of the television, scripted shows have been the most broadcasted programs on the screen. These programs had the highest view ratings and were broadcasted throughout the country the most up until recently. Beginning in the 1990s, television stations decided to turn to reality television programs and away from scripted shows to gain higher view ratings. When being compared to scripted TV shows, reality TV shows are inexpensive to produce and highly popular with viewers. Due to television stations decision to increase broadcasting reality TV shows and high view ...view middle of the document...

Television stations have decided that reality TV shows will take over scripted TV shows and this decision has increased ratings and viewings greatly.
            High view ratings for reality TV shows have recently been given because these shows are much more popular than scripted TV shows. Reality TV shows please a multitude of crowds, but the chief television watchers of the twenty-first century are teenagers, who today “watch more television than their parents ever did” (Source C). Fortunately for television producers of reality TV shows, teenagers make up a large amount of the viewers for reality shows. These programs are so popular with teens because many of the reality TV shows involve teenagers and college kids in a variety of formats. Each program attempts to inform viewers about life through real people and real experiences. Due to this, teenagers are able to relate to the programs and become committed viewers. From the same network rating system chart, as used above, it is also clear to see that reality TV shows have had a total of about nine and half million viewers, while scripted TV shows have only had about seven million viewers in recent years (Source B). The high ratings...

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