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Reasons For A Change In An Organisations Product Or Service

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Organizations will change the goods or services they provide, more often than others. This can be for many reasons such as social trends, competition, advances in technology and occasionally from accusations from pressure groups. Social trends give a broad indication of the society in that particular country, by analyzing previous economic data. Social trends will have an effect on the services or products that organizations provide, for example as technology advances in the car industry, and the public require a vehicle that is friendlier towards the environment. This will result in the organization needing to make the factory and the car itself more fuel efficient, and release less ...view middle of the document...

Pressure groups are also a cause for the change of a product or service. Pressure groups can exert pressure onto an organization by seeking publicity, creating petitions, holding protests, and in extreme cases criminal activity, if they feel strongly against the actions of the organization. For example on 6th October last year, animal rights extremists dug up the grave of a relative of an employee of a medical research farm. Eventually the pressure group won by causing the closure of the farm and complete removal of any services and goods that the farm created, by using illegal direct action. However there are more peaceful pressure groups such as trade unions, which are created to influence policies for workers, such as pensions, equal opportunities, discrimination. Trade unions and any pressure groups need to be careful as to how they try to influence organizations. The main aim of any group is to raise awareness to the public; however certain actions could turn the public against them, such as the removal of a body from a grave. Pressure groups are no longer restricted to the mediums of pen and paper, with the creation of the internet and other high tech equipment, pressure groups can spread their story much faster and to more areas of the world. Pressure groups can also have a negative effect on the organization, by creating a negative image. Organizations, however, can also use advances in technology to combat pressure groups, as it can be the quickest and most effective. The organizations will generally have better access to better resources, due to higher revenue. Organizations also have the ability to use technology to create new goods and services because the technology helps with innovation of these items. A lot of innovation is voluntary because organizations want to have the best product on the market, as it will set a benchmark for all other competitors in that particular market, and will force them to complete more research and development for a better product. As mentioned...

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