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I located an article from CNBC that I believe to be a controversial subject. The article is called Why We Should Not Legalize Marijuana. In this article the author states that a useful analogy can be made to gambling. The author states that legalizing gambling has not reduced illegal gambling in the United States but instead it has increased it. I think I would have to disagree with this statement because people have the free will to make their own decisions. We as human beings know what is right and wrong and we are capable of weighing options and understanding consequences. But not everyone in this world makes good decisions where there are laws there are laws being broken. The choice of people to gamble illegally is their choice it is not a result of gambling ...view middle of the document...

This drug has been known to help children who have epilepsy stop having seizures, and to help cancer patients who are in pain and who cannot eat feel better and eat meals. After watching some of the shows and specials I have seen on TV. And some of the miracles this drug has performed I don’t think I could not be a supporter of legalizing marijuana. As for productivity and education yet again this all falls on the individual lazy people will be lazy regardless of marijuana use I know to many people that have made straight A’s in college, worked a full-time job, ran a home, and been fantastic parents and they smoke marijuana. But I have also met the lazy people to who sleep all day because they smoke, well a lot of these people have other underlying issues like depression kind of like how depressed people shouldn’t be alcoholics.
As a nation we spend too much time and money fighting a drug that could help our country grow. It could open up new jobs and medicines to help the sick and the farmers. We spend so much money arresting people for smoking and selling marijuana when we could change that and bring money to a nation that has seen dramatic hardships in the past few years. People are afraid of change but you must make a choice to take a chance to make a change. Without change nothing is learned or gained. Marijuana is an illegal drug because we allow it to be an illegal drug and we allow people to get shot and killed over this drug. Where there is a will there is a way and people will always find a way to get what they want. People are taking risks selling an illegal drug and that is why there is marijuana violence. We should put our focus on stopping other drugs like meth and crack drugs that people die on and drugs that break up families and homes and put children in orphanages.

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