Reasons On Students Tardiness Essay

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Grade and Section: ______________________________
School: _______________________________________

Directions: Please encircle the letter that suits your choice of answer provided for each
Please accomplish honestly all of the questions and the information will be treated
highly confidential.
There are no wrong answers.

1. Aside from Banilad Night High School, What other school is nearest from your home? Give at least 2 if there's any;




2. How far is your home from school?
a. Less than 500 meters
b. More than 500 meters but less that 1 kilometer
c.More than 1 kilometer
d. More than 2 kilometers

3. What is your mode of transportation?
a. Bus/Van/Jeepney/Multicab
b. Tricycle
c. Motorcycle (owned)
d. Extended Motorcycle (for ...view middle of the document...

b. Filipino
c. Mathematics (Physics, Calculus, Advanced Algebra, etc.)
d. Science
e. Araling Panlipunan
g. None of the above
7. I don’t like the subject because ;
a. I don’t like the teacher
b. I don’t like my classmates
c.Somebody is bullying me from that class
d. I did not like the subject itself

8. Time Management for me is;
a. for the old and mature person
b. tiresome, boring and redundant daily chore
c. is a virtue to be valued and kept by students
d. respecting the time of others
e. helping me to accomplish many tasks

9. My parents value my education as;
a. their only treasure for me to inherit
b. learning things I needed on my own as they did in the past
c. an alibi of not helping home chores
d. just sending me to school like my neighbors do
e. expensive and sever the daily budget for food and other primary needs

10. I spend most of my time in;
a. watching my favorite TV show/s
b. playing online/LAN game/s
c. working to earn money to subsidize my education
d. hanging around with my friends
e. sending/reading SMS/ talking/chatting with my friends
f. doing household chores

11. The reason why I am late in attending my classes;
a. working with other requirements
b. distance of the specialization lecture area from my class room
c.receiving calls/reading /answering text messages
d. had to finish my snacks/lunch
e. attending my extra-curricular activities

12. After almost ten months with the subject I am learning;
a. I learned a lot of things about it
b. I am picking informative things about the subject
c. a thing or two…
d. nothing and I am not interested at all
e. to do complacent measures just to pass this subject

13. I go to bed at
a. 10:45 pm
b. 11:00 pm
c. 11:30 pm
d. 12:00 pm
e. after midnight

14. My subject teacher is;
a. skillful, efficient and effective in teaching the lesson
b. is good in his/her field of expertise
c. giving us load of homework/tasks which is beyond our capability
d. a symbol of authority and tenacious
e. funny
f. lackluster and needs inspiration

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