Reasons People Agree To Capital Punishment

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Some people might agree with the death penalty. Families are devastated when someone they love and care about has died. Especially when that person is a member of their family. That feeling becomes more intense when that person has been murdered. Those devastated people want the murderer to suffer as much as their loved one. The want retribution, or an eye for an eye. This is were the death penalty comes into play. This punishment, in the past, has been brutal and painful. A horrible way to be killed. Now though, it's supposedly human. Why should we have pity on those who choose to kill? If they felt powerful enough to kill, then we should be able to do the same to ...view middle of the document...

Van Den Haag, who's done research on the impact of capital punishment on families says “Families aren't willing to move on, forget what happened, and life their life. It's just not going to happen” (Van Den Haag, 2004). It's extremely hard to forgive someone for killing a loved one. It causes years of emotional problems, some even lasting an entire lifetime. A study was done and it was said that “It's just think it’s easier to live your life looking forward then looking back at the bad things in your life. When you kill the person who killed your loved one, you can start to move on” (Issues and Controversies 2001). If someone spends there time thinking about this matter, it can really get to them. Having the murderer killed can be like a weight lifted off their shoulders. What happened to forgiveness? It's become a lost art, all people want is restitution (Issues and Controversies, 2007). society no longer knows how to grant mercy on those who have messed up, all we want is fairness. The problem is, fairness isn't always fair.

The End It Doesn't Even Matter
Society will all end up killing each other, one way or another (Streissguth, 2002). It’s just going to go back and forth. A man killed my husband, so the courts should have to kill him. A women killed someones brother, so they want to kill them. It will never stop. People are put in harms way when they sentence others to death, no matter the crime (Issues and Controversies, 2007). The person that has been killed has family members that would like to see you and your family dead as well. This is one big epidemic, a chain reaction of murder. society will cause its own extinction. “It might just be a short term solution to a long term problem” (Issues and Controversies, 2005). we might think this will fix everything. But it may just be fixing things right now. No one knows what the future holds. The law may be fair on paper, but when you break everything down, the more unfair it becomes.

Wrongfully accused
The government has been known to put innocent people in jail. A lesser known fact is that the government has put people on death row that where innocent. (Gale, 2006). Society is never fully aware of what is going on. Not even the government knows exactly how many innocent people they convict. This leads us to being blinded. This is a community that believes everything they are told....

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