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In the novel Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier tells the uncommon, suspenseful love story using a small range of characters with many different personality traits. The reader begins to feel as though they truly know these characters only to discover the unseen truth as their masks fall off. As these personalities develop throughout the novel one can discover that the narrator, Mrs. de Winter, strives to please people and feels very insecure in her identity. She tries to stick up for herself, but her words have no effect on her cruel, manipulative, controlling husband, Mr. de Winter. Mr. de Winter appears as a gentleman in the very early chapters of the book; however, the reader soon ...view middle of the document...

de Winter wants and he clarifies it by saying “I am asking you to marry me, you little fool” (52). As time goes on, Mr. de Winter abusive and controlling tendencies only get worse, especially after he and the narrator are married. The newly married couple has an argument after the new Mrs. de Winter goes chasing after Jasper, the dog, in the woods and enters the boathouse. Mrs. de Winter does not understand what she did wrong and asks her husband if they can change the subject for her husband believes that “All women say that when they’ve lost an argument” and he continues to berate and tells her that “All right, I did not want to go to the beach. Will that please you? I never go near the bloody place, or that…cottage. And if you had my memories you wouldn’t go there either, or even talk about it, or even think about it. You can digest that if you like, I hope it satisfies you (118). Mr. de Winter knows that he has Mrs. de Winter wrapped around his fingers and that she would do anything for him no matter how bad he treated her. Mrs. de Winter gathers some courage and tries to stand up for herself by demanding so respect and being treated like his wife. Despite Mrs. de Winter’s enlightenment of new courage, Mr. de Winter quickly crushes it and believes that he has ever right to treat her like a child because “A husband is not so very different from a father after all. There is a certain type of knowledge that [he] prefers [her] not to have. It’s better kept up under lock and key” he then commands her not to “ask [him] any more...

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