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Rebuttal Paper

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Weed Between the Lies
John Doe
November 10, 2013
Linda Whiteman

Weed Between the Lies
Many heated debates whether marijuana should or should not pass a law legalizing marijuana for recreational use by the government stemmed from 1937, when Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Stamp act that heavily taxes cannabis, regulates, and introduced harsh penalties to those who did not adhere to it. Marijuana, also known as, cannabis is a greenish and brown mix of dried flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves. A substance that is smoked, consumed, or brewed in teas and some of the effects, are hallucinogenic, euphoria, muscle relaxer, and increase of appetite. There are thousands of ...view middle of the document...

3 million people have tried marijuana while only 2.78 million have ever tried heroin in their lifetimes and only 5.3 million have ever tried cocaine in their lives” (para. 1). This data indicates that the majority of users do not go on to use “hard” drugs. Throughout time marijuana has been singled out unfairly as a gateway drug. IMO has conducted reports where they found that most drug users began with alcohol and nicotine before marijuana (Common Sense for Drug Policy, 2000-2006).
Marijuana and Criminal Activities
In addition, Backstrom says that there are strong links between marijuana use, and criminal activities. Backstrom states that Nationwide, 40% of adult males arrested from crimes tested positive for marijuana at the time of his or her arrest. Testing positive at the time of an arrest does not mean that the person arrested was high on marijuana (Backstrom, 2010). Marijuana, when smoked or consumed can take up to 45 days to clear completely out of an individuals system. In a 2007 study, psychologist Louis Degenhardt and her Michigan State University colleagues found that 43% of U.S. adults aged 18 or older have tried marijuana at least once (Arkowitz, 2012). Percentage wise, the odds of an arrested American testing positive for marijuana are high because nearly half of American adults have tried smoking marijuana at least once in his or her lifetime. The validity of Backstrom’s data used in this claim is unreliable...

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