Recall Bias In Research Design Essay

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It is most likely every major text on epidemiology involved in retrospective research is influenced by recall bias. Scientists have identified recall bias to occur when accuracy of recall regarding prior exposure is different for cases versus control (RAPHAEL, 1987). The possibility for recall bias exists whenever historical self-report information is elicited from respondents (RAPHAEL, 1987). Therefore, the potential for the occurrence is likely to be greatest in case-control studies or cross-sectional studies with retrospective elements, as well as some cohort prospective and control randomized trial designs (Hassan, 2006). Since recall bias is an undesired element, intended to potentially ...view middle of the document...

If those risk factors which appear to be significantly related to case status are not believed by respondents to be risk factors for the disease at all, one possesses fairly good evidence of absence of recall bias (RAPHAEL, 1987).

I have analyzed a case study on alcohol and substance abuse disorders resulting in attending a non-fatal emergency room, for recall bias. A Case-Control Study of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders as Risk Factors for Non-Fatal Injury, in the Oxford Journal, provide methodology for review. The article is a case control study, includes 653 injured patients ages between 18-65 years old who attended one emergency room south of Mexico City (BORGES, 2005). The study considered a control including 1131 subjects from a representative sample of residents of Mexico City, of the same age group (BORGES, 2005). It was reported, the information on drug and alcohol use was obtained by interview using the world mental health version of the composite international diagnostic interview (BORGES, 2005). The interview was conducted shortly after admission to the emergency room by the interviewer. It was necessary to have respondents report usage of alcohol or drug use for the last 12 months. Statistical tables were created to reflect hospitalization recorded information and recalled respondent information. Trained lay interviewers were used to collect pertinent information designed to indicate age, type substance abuse, frequency and relationship status (BORGES, 2005). No financial compensation was given to subjects and consent was given, with careful description of the goals of the study (BORGES, 2005). The interviews were reported to have been recorded by paper...

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