Recent Upsurge In Foreign Military Intervention In Africa, A Case Study Mali

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Foreign military involvement in Africa and indeed elsewhere around the globe is nothing new. As noted by Falola and Thomas (2014), between 1945 to1999 out of one hundred and fifty seven civil wars in the world, more than hundreds of them saw some level of external interventions. Since the era of colonialism ended, Africa has witnessed a great deal of foreign interference in both its economic and political settings. In recent times, there has been an upsurge in foreign military engagements on the continent; mention can be made of Libya, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Central African Republic. In as much as these military operations aid in addressing pressing needs at the time, we ...view middle of the document...

In an article titled Military Intervention, Hauss (2003) says, "There are many forms of military intervention. Until the last decade or so, military force was used most often to achieve a state's geopolitical goals of protecting and/or enhancing its territory, population, and other critical resources.”
The Free Dictionary defines it as "The deliberate act of a nation or a group of nations to introduce its military forces into the course of an existing controversy.” In present times, humanitarian reasons have widely been cited for most military interventions in the world. In as much as most of the points articulated in this research seem to be looking at the problems or dangers associated with military interventions, it worth noting the significance of military interventions in some areas of the world like Kosovo. There is a school of thought, who argues the Rwandan genocide occurred due to lack of military force; the same is true of the on-going Syria conflict.
Molden (2012) in justifying the invasion of Iraq on 28th January 2003 in his State of Union Address, President Bush, stated over thirty reasons for the need to attack Iraq. He placed emphases on Saddam Hussein alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction and his links to terrorist organisations and al- Qaeda members. It is now on record Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, a theory such as The Iraq war was all about oil holds valid in the minds of many. Writing under the headline, 'Bush Sought Way To Invade Iraq?, Leung (2009) cite Paul O ' Neil a Treasury Secretary under the Bush administration claiming there was an agenda to get rid of Saddam Hussein right from the word go. He recalls two national security meetings were a memo titled 'Plan for post Saddam Iraq’ was given to the President. The memo touched on how to occupy Iraq as early as January/ February of 2001 way before 9/11 terrorist attacks. The memo also touched on peacekeeping troops, war crimes tribunals and divvying Iraq oil. Global policy forum (GFP) is of the view Iraq’s new constitution framed with advisors close to the US...

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