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Recognition by David Medalie
Understanding 1. We don't know when it takes place, we even know when the story was written (1998) 2. The narrator is an older woman (two years younger than the president), she has ben married to a former Prime Minister. 3. Kobus was her husband, and the former Prime Minister. 4. The president wan't to make peace with the past. 5. Magdalena have also ben married to an political man, he also died years ago. But her husband and Kobus were not rivals. 6. The President wishes to make peace with the past , this is his way of showing that reconciliation can take place. 7. Not to forget the past, or change it but make peace with it and the other former wifes. 8. The ...view middle of the document...

2. The pregnant woman, the narrator, the other woman's and men. Eight at all included the driver. 3. The woman's know a bit more to do than the men. But they are all scared and nervous what is going too happened. 4. ? 5. They help each other, is standing together.

Analysis 1. Normavenda tried to show us how the people could work together with pregnant woman. But during the apartheid they couldn't work together. 2. It's better to realize for you self what is going on if there aren't many descriptions. 3. The viewpoint is how people can help each other, only for a moment. 4. I felt like a bystander, watching all of it behind glass. 5. Flashback, be course the narrator first tells us about the pregnant woman but it has happened years ago. Not now. 6. Helping each other.

7. Whites and black where against each other in South Africa, but when the pregnant woman had to due in the car, they all had to help each other. 8. Nobody knew what would happen, for the narrator was it a day like everyone else. And those people who was with the same taxi she doesn't carry about. Of course she spoke to the woman next to her who was pregnant. But just to be kindly. But none of them could realize what would happen. And as it happened they...

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