Recognizing Plagiarism Essay

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Recognizing Plagiarism
Your audience can catch plagiarism in many ways. After submission of papers, professors usually catch on to your writing style. Therefore, sentences that are written in a perfected style and does not follow your usual verbiage is more than likely to be plagiarism. Complex sentence structures and sentence fragments can also serve as other clues for plagiarism. Another clue for plagiarism is when certain paragraphs in the paper are written to perfection with no misspellings or grammatical errors.
Identifying Plagiarism
The student has clearly plagiarized the first two sentences in his rewording of the original author’s work. For example, by using the verb ...view middle of the document...

Biomedical researchers incorporate strict rules of science into their work, which is examined by peers (Crossen, 1994, pp. 166-167).
Avoiding Plagiarism
One of the best strategies to use to avoid plagiarism is to use quotation marks and in-text citations (Indiana University, 2011). If paraphrasing, I would still give credit to the author because it would still be an original idea of the author, but written with different words. In other words, the original idea of the author is still present in your paraphrase (Indiana University, 2011). In my opinion, you should always cite the author when you are trying to get an original idea across. Then, you can support your citation with your own ideas, such as why you may agree or disagree with the author.
Example of Paraphrasing
O’Conner (2003) argued that a good writer is one that you can easily understand without having to go through extensive and time-consuming research to try to understand what the writer is trying to get across. As the writer, if you do not understand what you are trying to prove, then how do you expect the reader to comprehend your idea? Just because you use complex words and long sentences, it does not mean that it makes you a scholarly writer. As writers, we need to create a stable relationship between our thoughts and how they are conveyed on paper.
As a writer, I consider that my strengths in...

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