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Recommendation Report

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Justification/Recommendation Reports

Introduction :

• Justification reports are written to defend changes in policy or procedure.

• They are often written without any request from the reader. The report focuses on answering the question "why should we?"

• Do this by providing supporting evidence and convincing arguments to back the changes your report proposes.

• It analyzes a problem, discuss options, and present a recommendation, Solution, or action to be taken.

• E.g buying equipment, changing the procedure, hiring an employee, consolidating departments, or investing funds.

*Structures: Direct or indirect pattern

Direct is used for ...view middle of the document...

4. Use the main body of your report to explain how you suggest implementing your recommendations. Provide specific details about the new procedures or solutions.

5. Finish your justification report with a brief summary of your conclusions and recommendations.


Memo Information :

• Date, To, From, Subject

• In abbreviate form, indicate the purpose and nature of the report

Introduction :

• Do not include a heading for this section.

• State the purpose of the memo and the nature of the report.

• State how the info gathered to complete the report.

• Not reveal on recommendation until the end of the report.

Significance of problem :

• Include a heading that combine the function and description of the section.

• Fully describe the problem that is being addressed including the background information.

• Use specific example or supporting statistic to describe the significant of the problem.

• In the end of this section, introduce alternatives that will to be discuss in the next section of the report.

Alternative solution :

• Include headings that combine the function and description of each alternative.

• Describe the planning alternatives solution to solve the problem beginning with the lest likely to succeed and including the most promising alternative last.

• Make sure to describe the solution in details, also could include the pros and con of each alternatives.

• Include an estimate of the overall cost of each alternative.

Conclusion :

• Include a heading for this section.

• Justify your upcoming recommendation by approving reasons for your choice.

• Make the recommendation, that is, choose the alternative that will most likely to solve the problem.


Date: 2nd November 2006
To: Joseph P.White, Superintendent of Schools
From: David Ayers
Subject: Purchase Recommendations for 8” jointer

Recently, Jim Delallo and I discussed at length the serious problems he was having in operating the jointer at the high schools. Considering that the machine has been under continuous student use for 27 years and has reduced accuracy because of the small table and fence size, I indicated I would contact you regarding a new jointer. You asked that I forward 2006-2007 budget requests by 15th December.

Therefore, I have prepared this recommendation report for choosing a new 8” jointer. Based on lab and catalogue resources and after discussion with other Industrial Arts Teacher in this area, I have narrowed my choices to two: Delta Model DJ-20 and Powermatic Model 60. Each machine has been evaluated using the following criteria, in descending order of importance:

1. Fence size

2. Table length

3. Cost


It is recommended that...

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