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Reconstruction Essay

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The sharp knife stabbed into the heart of the recovery plan of post-Civil War America, who held the knife? Reconstruction, the fight for rights of freedmen, the rejoicing plan for the north and south, the plan for America to become whole again. Although both the North and South are to blame for the killing of the Reconstruction, the South is most to blame. Certainly the North neglecting the South took part in stabbing the Reconstruction but also an immense amount of racism and prejudism towards blacks contributed to the failure (Doc a,b,d.) However, racism, Northern neglect, are not as critical to the killing as Southern resistance.

The Southern society was transformed immensely after the Civil War. Southerners didn't want anything to do with Reconstruction, besides a few individuals called ...view middle of the document...

Overall the South did not cooperate and resisted the Reconstruction, and if they cooperated the Reconstruction would not have been killed.

The North on the other hand was not effected as much as the South after the Civil War. The North neglected the South, by practically forgetting about them, and not putting effort towards the Reconstruction of the South. After the Civil War the North put the South under the rule of the US Army, causing anger and aggression from the South. The North put efforts towards Reconstructions though Scalawags, Carpetbaggers, and Freedmen. But was soon shot down by the South. But not far into the Reconstruction the President got distracted from the effort and the attention payed towards the South was soon lost. But, the North did put effort into the Reconstruction but South quickly resisted.

Racism, the hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. Racism was very common in America, but more in the South than the North. Racism towards Freedmen, past slaves made free, and other blacks. This racism formed groups of people such as gangs. One very known gang was the Klu Klux Klan also known as the KKK. The KKK and other racist caused many bad things to happen to freedmen. Such as Abram Corey, a former slave elected to Georgia State Legislature, who was beaten and whipped by Klansmen because he was a black man in office and was going to vote radical on the Reconstruction. Racism played a huge part in the Reconstruction being murdered.

The Reconstruction was stabbed, but who did it? The South did it. The South stabbed the Reconstruction because of it resistance. If the South cooperated with the North, the Reconstruction would not have been killed. The South refused to even attempt to cooperate. Yes, Northern neglect and racism played a part, but the South is the most to blame for the killing of the Reconstruction.

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