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Recruitment Induction Essay

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ASSESSMENT TASK 3 OUTCOME 3 HNC ADMINISTRATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Introduction I have been given the task of carrying out an induction programme for the new staff at a coffee shop. To do this I have examined the existing business and found out that it has been successfully providing the customers with a selection of coffee and other beverages. It serves hot breakfasts, lunches and teatime light meals, salads, sandwiches pastries and cakes. I have been advised that the same format will be used in the new shop. The staffing requirements for the new shop consist of one manager, one assistant manager, one cook, one supervisor, and four waitresess. The purpose of an induction is ...view middle of the document...

I will put together an induction packand the items that will be included in this pack are an organisation chart which will show who’s who in the company, a staff newsletter health and safety arrangements Terms and conditions of employment a diagram setting out the location of eating facilities ,toilets, fire exits etc. All new employees will receive this before starting their new job and it will include the procedures and policies of the company. This will be explained in as much detail as possible but anything the employee is not sure about can be brought up at the induction. This can be a great source of reference later in employment for example to check if an employee has been briefed on policies or to produce evidence of training in the event of a health and safety inspection. Induction procedure The new staff will be introduced to the existing staff and they should be made to feel welcome. During the induction the staff will be given a tour of the premises and be made aware of the policies and procedures, they will be briefed on the company and how the company functions. They will be told about their own job and what is expected from them. They will be shown the layout, and entrances and exits. They will also be given a copy of the health and safety policy and they will be asked to read it and sign it. They will each receive an induction pack and a company handbook they will also receive a checklist which can be filled in as the week goes on. The new staff would be given a mentor who will have the same role as them and they will be able to explain the job requirements, as each role has different job requirements. The mentor will be given a checklist which will be ticked off as each procedure is followed. They will be helped to fit in as quickly and as easily as possible to feel that they are now a part of the company. Their roles will be set out clearly and they will be working as part of the team in the existing coffee shop so that by the end of the week when their induction is complete they are ready to take over at the new coffee shop and be part of the induction for the four new waitresses and the new cook. After the first week and the training of the Managers and supervisor. They will now be ready to greet the rest of the new staff and give them their induction. Induction of cook and waitresses The new staff on their first day will be greeted by the Managers and supervisors. They will meet in the existing coffee shop where they will be briefed on food hygeine and told about the different products for example coffees and menus. They will be...

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