Recruitment, Selection And Induction Policies And Procedures

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1. Identify and recommend changes required in current policies and procedures.
* The changes necessary in current policies and procedures is that, first, they need to be updated or the specifications need to update. We also need to comply with laws on equal opportunity, anti- discrimination and WHS. Reference check should always be included if a new employee is hired and training a new staff and some induction and training about the job should always be undertaken beforehand. Finally, we should always add goals and objectives, mission and vision of the company.
2. Develop revised recruitment, selection and induction policies and procedures for BS Training.
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Procedures will vary between organizations, but should outline the how your policy will be put into action.

Describe the processes with reference to any documents, forms or checklists that are needed.
You might also need to include:
* Do you need permission to advertise or create a job opportunity? If you do, who can approve this and what is the process?
* Who is responsible for writing job descriptions?
* Who is responsible for contacting unsuccessful applicants?

The selection process involves choosing the individual who best meets the requirements of a position.

It’s important to have clear processes in place for how you choose the most suitable person for any vacant position. This makes sure the process is fair and transparent.
It can also protect you if you have someone apply who is interested in the role but not suited to it.

For many job roles, selection is an informal process where a chat about the position and its requirements may be all that’s needed. Other organisations follow a more formal selection process. Either way, your policy should state whether or not you require the following as part of your process:

* Application form
* Selection criteria addressed
* Attendance at a workshop or information session
* Interview
* Checks
* Following up personal references
* Timelines.

The checks required for new employee appointments will depend on the organisation’s policy. They may include:
* A police check
* A working with children check
* Proof of identity
* Qualifications or certifications
* Work history
* Relevant medical history.

Orientation is the final step in the recruitment process. New members are welcomed to the organisation and given details about their position. Introduce daily operations and key people in the workplace.

Having a well-planned induction and orientation process can help make new volunteers feel more welcome and less stressed when they start their role.

Include time where you can go through the details of their role and provide a copy of their job description – including responsibilities, hours and expectations.

Other things to include are:
* Familiarise new with facilities, equipment and resources
* Go through open and close times
* Explain emergency and evacuation procedures
* Provide copies of current newsletters, annual reports or marketing material
* Provide a copy of your New Employees rights and responsibilities
* Give an introduction to the organisation
* Introduce key volunteers and staff
* Familiarise new employees with daily operations like using the telephone, photocopier, keys, filing system, kitchens, alarm systems etc
* Familiarise them with the organisation's policies and procedures, including complaints and dispute resolution, sexual harassment and equal opportunity, and health and safety
* Provide any specific training as necessary....

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