Recycling Paper Waste In The Caribbean

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My team and I will be looking into expanding the company’s current recycling operations of office paper and magazines.

General Tasks of this Department
The function of the production and the operations department at MGMT recycling is to collect the country’s everyday waste products and turn them into finished outputs which can be reused through a series of recycling processes specific to the material in question and its recycling needs. We sort the waste products brought into the plant and it is then transferred to the departments for the unique processing necessary to turn it into brand new recycled material. We make sure the quota of raw materials needed to begin production comes ...view middle of the document...

In the production and manufacturing department we are constantly researching products to recycle and making modifications to the outputs of the recycling efforts which can make new products. We test and new product processes and prototypes and see the development through to the final end newly recycled product or by-product. In our departments there is also the new responsibility to manufacture products and the maintenance of the product line, inspection and its necessary repairs fall under our control. We ensure the recycled materials we produce at MGMT are fit for the intended purpose.
Critical Decisions
Recently we have recognised that the magazines and paper which we collect and recycle into fabric have become the most streamlined of our operations. Our recycled paper fabric has been one of the top exported products at MGMT Recycling for the last three years. We have met and exceeded the targets we set due to the low production costs and abundance of available waste paper collected through our concerned efforts over the past three years. After a series of consultations with government and private health officials requesting the production of hospital gowns using the paper we recycle. We see the potential importance of the product to the country and the invaluable business it could provide not only locally but also regionally. We will therefore in addition to our current exportation of recycled paper fabric be making available for wholesale purchase paper hospital gowns and dust masks locally with expansion over the next three years to the regional market.
It has lead to the department making the following two critical decisions:
Decision 1
MGMT Recycling will now convert unused space on the factory floor to be concerned with the manufacturing of disposable hospital gowns and dust masks from our recycled paper fabric for the local health and related industries. This will include the acquisition of equipment for e.g. industrial sewing machines; industrial fabric cutting machines, Computer-Aided Design software, Computer Aided Manufacturing software and materials these will include snaps, hook and eyes, cotton reels, elastics, dyes, glue, etc.
Decision 2
Before MGMT Recycling would collect waste directly from the clients at no charge but now we will provide a new service to private householders, schools and businesses in exchange for small fees and the contract to recycle all their paper waste products. Paper Collections Bins (PCB) will be delivered to the customer in pre-specified quantity, free of cost, to be filled and they will be required to return them upon completion of waste collection for payment done on a per kilogram basis. MGMT Recycling will also be using these Bins to collect data on the paper recycling process. Trucks will no longer bring in paper refuse unless the customer is willing to pay a delivery fee depending on the quantity collected. Paper waste will be categorised by type in the PCB’s four special...

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