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Red Vs. Blue Essay

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Red vs. Blue Color Perceptions
Have you ever wondered what color to wear? Which color is more appealing to the eye? Which one people prefer? What about blue and red? Both are primary colors, but have you ever noticed the calm mood of blue oppose to the bold mood of red? Blue with its calming effects, tends to be favored by more people than red. The question is why? This essay compares the different aspects of red and blue as a color, in art and fashion, and in various cultures.
Red is the color of blood, fire, and wine. Seeing red alludes strong emotions. It evokes love, anger, passion, violence, and intrigue. It is a hot, strong color that can cause a range of conflicting emotions. Red is ...view middle of the document...

This is why we sometimes say “feeling blue” or “getting the blues.” Just like red, blue can cause physical effects, by making time pass more quickly and helping you sleep. Compared to red, blue is not only appealing, but also healthful because it reduces blood pressure, calms the autonomic nervous system, and is anti-inflammatory. It’s an all around color.
In the fashion world, men find women sexier if they are wearing red rather than a blue. Red clothing has flames of passion and attraction. “However, red won’t make you look smarter or more competent,” says study author Andrew Elliot, Ph.D. Men don’t rate women wearing red, as more intelligent, likeable, or better personality. Still red is dramatic, predominant, glamorous, powerful, and is beloved by fashion designers. Red grabs attention and is good to use when you don’t want to sink into the background. It can be speed, confidence, a dash of danger, mysterious, friendly, and sometimes sophisticated. A little bit of red can go a long way. This is why red is also a bold color to use in the art world. Red pops out and can create a strong, dramatic piece. The art world is ablaze with the fiery appeal of red. After all, red is the “new black.” It is making a bold appearance from a variety of artists and art.
You have to be careful with how you use red. While it may be attractive, using a lot can be too much and less appealing. Blue is a more comfortable color to wear. It is a favorite color for women and especially men of all ages. Blue denim is the most common material in the Western world. In fashion blue is usually associated with intelligence, stability, and even authority figures. Wearing light blue can be either analytical or practical, while dark blue is intelligent, self-reliant, and shows responsibility. Deep royal blue and navy blue are warmer than lighter blues. They show richness and superiority. If you combine a light and dark blue, you show trust and truthfulness. Many of these characteristics also apply to art. Blue art is calm and refreshing, and normally depicts rivers, waterfalls, skies, and oceans. It creates smooth flowing patterns and curved images. In the art and fashion world, blue attracts many people.
Red is known as power. Many businessmen have the red power tie because of this. That’s also why there is the red carpet for people such as celebrities and VIPs. In some places red denotes purity, joy, and celebration. In China, red is the color...

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