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Reducing Blood Cholesterol Essay

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Reducing blood cholesterol

There are two different ways in the cholesterol in the blood can be reduced to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. It is really important to not have too much cholesterol in the body as it causes fat to build up, blocking arteries and veins and also increasing the possibility of getting a heart disease. There are two different types of cholesterol- HDL (high- density lipoproteins), which are actually good as they reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood; and LDL (low- density lipoproteins), which are mainly fat and also the kind of cholesterol that causes heart diseases (WebMD, 2008).
One of the ways to reduce the level of LDL is taking statins. ...view middle of the document...

Another way of reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body is simply changing the diet. Many people have a lot of cholesterol in their blood from eating too much saturated fat. Those saturated fats as in butter or cake are more likely to raise the level of LDL. The fat fount in animal meat and dairy products should also be avoided. By eating unsaturated fats like nuts and reducing the whole intake of fats in the diet, the level of blood cholesterol is lowered and so is the risk of getting heart disease. But not just the amount of fat intake should be changed, but also the intake of fibre. Soluble fibre which is present in many foods like in fruit and vegetables can also be used to decrease cholesterol as it can be digested, unlike insoluble fibre (NHS, 2013).

People changing their diet don’t just affect themselves. The social impact of a diet change can be big. People don’t just live longer without a risk of getting heart diseases, but they also lose weight. This weight loss may be really impressive to others, leading to them trying to lose some weight. This again makes the population healthier, leading to fewer medications needed, people dying at an older age and also giving birth to healthier babies. However, those implications also affect the economy. People could not get jobs as fewer doctors are needed. When less medication is bought because people are healthier, the government and the country itself will...

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