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Reducing The School Budget Essay

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Reducing the School Budget
Michael Williams
Grand Canyon University: EDA-535
Professor Angie Smith
September 17, 2014

The Education Reform dream Camden is In need of.

What ails the City of Camden’s schools system was instinctively a lack of correct leadership to guide the Education Reform, policy into the right direction, and oversight is the blame of its downfall. Charter schools the answer or a failing problem designed to dismantle the public school system as we know it, and the door opener for the gravitation of for-profit companies to get right from the exploitation of a poor city, in need of the right vision to guide it back into sustainability. Is ...view middle of the document...

Education as a level field must be inclusive of new schools that bring technology advancements into home, schooling, making the parents the teacher, home employment a global movement, and will incorporate the home life and the business community as the market place of the next century.
Standardized test only yields the results of taught in basic skills mastery of necessary curriculum needs of students desiring to become productive citizens in society as learners and provider for their family’s one day. Science Daily, a research education company published a research proven web based education study on public and private school education performance outcomes, in the National Assessment of Educational Progress, (NAEP, 2008). Instinctively, American has been sold the fear bug for centuries and in the attempts to stimulate a recessed economy, what better to sell those who are not buying to stronger education, or higher education is the way meal ticket.
Has learned that in order to create a system through which it will profit the most from through in the selling of propaganda at it best. Surely, the rich want to stay rich and the road less driven is the road most traveled when the other have been flooded out. So accountability became the coined approach to education today. The Camden city School Board certainly dropped the ball and allowed the misguidance of a few bad apples, leading the entire school system to take the fall for what ailed the school system at the level of direction and leadership in unaccountability for the misguided actions of a few.
When, reluctant to allow the School Board to appoint a leader that would agree on the privatization of several public schools located on prime real estate in Camden city. The interested party desiring to own and become the proud owner of a charter school in down town Camden city now announced as George Norcross III, who stole the control of the political authority of the city, through lacking the pockets of local government officials inclusive of the current Mayor, Dana L. Redd.
Camden city in 1975 the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJSDA or SDA) and the Abbott v. Burke, M-1293 September Term 2009; Supreme Court, and began A District Factor Group (DFG), where performance and socio-economic factoring for Aid. Factor (1) when exactly did the STATE OF New Jersey decide it would limit the funding to the City of Camden on a per-student basis as opposed to the needs of other school district throughout State of New Jersey? (2) Does public oversight really improve test scores in public school education, (Michigan State University, 2014, June 10)? (3) How will an Improvement plan progressively create high academic test results futuristically?
Certainly, because the academic measurement of fiscal score will provide a scientific based research method through which monitoring will have a starting point of which a measuring point has begun and improvements has been...

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