Reengineering The World Essay

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Raul Alfaro
Accounting 325
Professor Williamson
September 21, 2010
Reengineering the World
Charles Darwin came up with the theory of natural selection. Natural selection is also well known as the law of survival of the fittest. Darwin’s law states that those who are able to adapt to changes in their environment will prosper and survive, and those who are not able to adapt will perish. This simple but very profound law described over one hundred years past has proven to be true in today’s world. Whether it may be a person moving across the country from sunny San Diego to extremely cold Philadelphia, or simply changing houses across the city and getting to know your new neighborhood, ...view middle of the document...

One example of this which my Marketing 370 class touched upon was the car company Ford when it first went into business. The customers had the option between choosing a black car or a black car. In fact Ford did not produce anything but black cars. Now a day if you go to a Ford dealership you will find a vast amount of models and all of them painted different colors. The amount of choices a consumer has today as compared to five years ago is much greater than ten years and so on. Having choices has become a big part of our life style. It is the freedom to choose if we would like product A over product B that has shifted in history. But what has lead to this change?
The factor that changed was competition. As more corporations enter the Auto market the public started to realize that they now had choices. They no longer had to settle for the black Ford, but they could purchase a blue Mercedez. Even Ford had to start giving consumer options between colors and models to keep up with the market change. Whatever the case it might be, the consumer was given power through choices. I remember a couple of years ago when my mom had to make the difficult decision of purchasing internet service from AOL or Net Zero. There were probably one or two more companies that offered that same service, but now there are at least as much as five times the amounts of internet providers as there were twelve years ago. Competition is what has lead this country to a great economy, and it is what will continue to make the U.S. grow and expand. A free market economy that pays those who are willing to innovate and come up with great inventions or ideas has lead to reengineering processes become an important topic in today’s economy. But what lead to the development of so many of these new companies over time?
Technology has been a key factor in the recent years when it comes to pretty much everything. It is amazing how now a day’s one can have internet access via satellites. As technology has progressed, competition in every market has been increasing as well. Technology has been mainly used by corporations to lower the price of their products or services, making them more competitive. If one is to only think twenty years ago, I would have never thought that I would be writing a paper on this compact machine which would send a wireless, wireless signal to another machine called a printer and my paper would be done faster than me having to write it. Technology keeps improving everyday and there is no way of stopping it. But how do all these factors tie in together to the concept of reengineering a corporation’s process?
From the standpoint of the corporation consumers are called target markets. My mom is a consumer, my sister is a consumer, my uncle is a consumer, etc. Everyone in this planet is a consumer, but not everyone is placed in the same target market. Since my mom was born in the early 1960’s she is classified as a different target market than my sister who was...

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