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Reflection 21 Essay

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Study Skills Assignment

Reflective account of a critical incident
Table of Contents

Topic: Reflective account of a critical incident 3
Introduction 3
Model of Reflection 3
Description of the incident 4
Feelings 5
Evaluation 5
Analysis 6
Conclusion & Action Plan 6
Assumption 7
References 8

Topic: Reflective account of a critical incident
Health Care setting refers to the control of practice and the sense of control of the practitioner’s environment in order to be able to retort applicably. Reflective practice as a thought for learning was introduced into many professions in the year 1980s (Rolfe and Fulbrook, 1998).It is realized ...view middle of the document...

Reflection debates the firmness for skillful support, high quality mentoring and the necessity for good support networks.
Model of reflection
I have preferred the Gibbs (1988) model of reflection to reflect upon the particular incident. It is an influential theory on reflective practice. Gibbs model of reflection integrates the subsequent: description of the incident, the feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan Gibbs. This model enables critical thought and it relates theory to practice. It is applied here in order to enable serious thoughts and relating the theories to my practices I had got. I have strained to discuss my reflection skills and identify my capability to reveal what I have gained for individual and qualified improvement. Understanding of realities normally arises from practices (Brooker and Nicol, 2003).So it is vital to let the experiences to befall first and reflect upon them. This Gibb’s model of reflective practice may be considered as a small skill to interpret in an action so as to involve in the process of continuous understanding.
Description of the incident
The commands for health care sponsors are vibrant (Bancett & Flarey, 1995). It is to develop prepared, combined systems of care, reduce unwanted and inadequacies focus on primary care and preventions and to improve quality and outcomes. I work in a prestigious health care organisation, providing residential and day care services to adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, in the south east part of the UK.The house was established in the year 1995, with twenty five residents and hundred employees who include health care workers and other professionals working in various shifts. It was during the initial days of my working, where I noticed the attitudes of some of the workers towards the residents as to be negative. I was doing my late shift and there was a patient by name Ronald, aged sixty two, who was taken care by one of the other employee in the house. I found that the resident was not given proper contemplation once he demanded or requested for something he looked-for. I came to know that, it was because he occasionally went vulnerable, but not always to the employees, other service users and to himself. Thereby he went on screaming for his needs and I noticed no proper care was given to him. It was during one of those days that, the said resident was on the way to the washroom, where he found another service user in between. At that time I was feeding a resident and within no time Ronald moved to the other resident and punched him on his face. There was nothing else needed for the situation to be worse. I called the senior staff as I was not experienced in handling the situation. The reality was that, at the staffs were having their dinner in other rooms, not taking care of the service users allocated to them. After a minute one of the senior staffs came with me and made Ronald calm, and he was taken to the bathroom, and I took the other...

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