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Reflection Essay

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Dr. Sylvia Concepcion

“Necessity is the Great Invention”

In her introduction she quoted that the “blank page/ white background” is the problem itself.
Her talk is all about AGRICULTURE. It’s problem and how it is being solved.
The problem of farmers are lack of market knowledge that lead them to have high transaction cost, poor infrastructure that will affect their products to have a small volume and inconsistent quality.
How to solve these problems? According to her, for them to solve the problem they need to “unite”, “work together”, “form small group”.
In line with the talk, she emphasize the system of clustering how will it help the farmers to have a quality ...view middle of the document...

You need to take a risk when there’s an opportunity. You have to take every risk for you to learn and for you to succeed; when you will always be afraid of everything you will never grow BE BRAVE! You have to.
Like in business world RISK is just a word. Every firm are taking every risk to improve their business, to have a higher percentage of sales ,even if it will cost them their company’s name.
Just like YOU, purchasing goods and services is taking risk. You don’t know if it will harm you or do good to you.
TAKE A RISK! And see what happens.

Be different (find your niche) (Cabrera, W. 2015). You need to find where you fit. Getting the things in your life that you like to do and love to do, and making that work for you. Whether as a hobby, in help with finding friends, mates, a job.... It's kinda like finding the door to life that your key (you) can open. 

Don’t be afraid to be awesome.

Like in business, the company need to be UNIQUE, no one will purchase their products if they will just dupe other companies’ products. Firms need to improve and innovate to have a high demand in the market. When the consumer learned that the product they are purchasing are the prototypes they will eventually come back to purchase again and again.

Firms that know there niche actually succeed. They need to fit in the market, it is a strategy to have a higher sales than the others.


Cris Oliver Malimban
Retail Manager (Smart Communication)

“In order for an idea to work it should have a meaning”

His first big idea is Positioning, focusing on livelihood and community building-KABUHAYAN.
In his talk he actually showed us a video that emphasizing the livelihood of cebuanos.

Smart communication has a really good...

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