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Old age is a time when we need the love and care of our loved ones most. However, in our country some old people are put in homes for the aged and are conveniently forgotten by their children. While the government has built special homes for the elderly and provides them the care they need, but it is no substitute for one's own home. That’s why when I first step inside the Luwalhati ng Maynila Home for the Aged and saw those old people; I didn’t know what I would feel. I didn’t know if I would feel happy because that would be my first time going to a home for the aged people or would feel pity for them because their loved ones just left them there thinking ...view middle of the document...

They’ve also prepared a special number for us. And there was this one grandpa who was really very good at dancing; I never thought that he could still dance like that, like a young boy who wants to party all night long. They made me really happy because they’ve showed to us that even though at an old age, they could still move and groove like a teenager.
When it was time to go home, they’ve again prepared a special dance number for us to show their gratitude for visiting them. This was the time when I can’t hold my tears from falling anymore because this was the time when I felt really sad for them, all the pain, the sadness, the longing for love. I didn’t know how they’ve overcame all those obstacles in life. And there was this one lolo who gave a special message to us, giving thanks and bless us for our future. He said that they were very thankful for showing our love and care for them that their loved ones never showed to them. That’s why this saddens me a lot but still I am thankful because they have been taken care of by the staff...

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