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The other day in class we watched a video called, “Knowing Who You Are.” The video consisted of a group of foster children who had many experiences with living with different foster parents. The children explained how they were not sure how to identify themselves because their culture had been absent throughout their lives. I felt bad for these children because I can not imagine what it is like to grow up without knowing how I identify myself, even as I transform into an adult. If you do not know how to identify yourself as a person, how can you set goals for yourself to achieve? How do you know which career would be right for you if you do not even know yourself? In class, we have learned ...view middle of the document...

How is that fair? I believe that if one school can be closed to honor a holiday, then all schools should be closed in honor of that same holiday. In continuation to self-awareness, white Americans have a more difficult time understanding cultural boundaries because their sense of culture is absent. I can personally relate to this because growing up in a fairly white town has caused me to notice a lot of things. I remember being in class and having my white classmates asking me if I celebrate Kwanzaa, simply because I was African American. They were too ignorant to realize that Kwanzaa is not a holiday celebrated by all African Americans, but mostly by West Africans, but of course they just assumed that we are all the same.
In class, we recently have talked about racism. We have learned that individuals develop and retain racial prejudices because of simple human traits and tendencies. People feel more comfortable around other people who are more like them and are suspicious of those who are different. One of my friends is African American, and she once...

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