Reflection On Enneagram Of Personality Essay

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Reflection Report ON one topic covered in the lectures
Lecture 6: Understanding Yourself --- Enneagram of Personality

Reflection Report ON one topic covered in the lectures
Lecture 6: Understanding Yourself --- Enneagram of Personality

Brief Content of Lecture 6
This lecture was on the October 10, 2014. It talks about the enneagram which is a circle inscribed by nine points. The nine points stand for nine distinctive personality styles. (The Good Person, The Loving Person, The Effective Person, The Original Person, The Wise Person, The Loyal Person, The Joyful Person, The Powerful Person, The Peaceful Person).

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To tell the truth, I actually agree of some of the Chinese sayings because I know someone who never change their personalities even though they have already grown up. Therefore, I do not really agree with what the speaker said at the very beginning. Later on, I tried to follow the instructive questions given by the speaker. And I started to find that I actually behave a bit different than before. In the past I was really afraid of communicating with others and the changing of environments around me. However, after I get into the CUHK, I have no choice but to communicate with others and accept the difference of the environment. After a period of time, I can now communicate with others with confidence. I am now being much confident than before. That’s why now, I can really understand the message brought by the speaker.

Moreover, I receive a message that we can actually experience the world through 3 ways, which are feeling, thinking and instinctive. I usually prefer the instinctive way, which states that I usually use the five senses (touch, sight, taste, smell, hearing) to experience the world. I have never thought of how I feel the world and how I am behaving. This is definitely a precious chance for me to understand more about myself.

Other than all written information given by the speaker about the nine distinctive personality styles, it’s nice that the speaker had prepared some interview videos of each specific style, to let us understand very well on the behavior of different type of people. This is a different experience from those I went for because I had a lot of chances to execute the theories that I have learnt.

Other than some interview videos, the speaker had also prepared some examples on well-known people for each style of personality including Gandi, Buzz Lightyear (a cartoon character from Toy Story 3), Mother...

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