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Reflection On Tuesdays With Morrie Essay

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Reflection on Tuesdays With Morrie
Tuesdays With Morrie is a heart-touching story of a retired Brandeis University sociology professor, Morrie Schwartz, teaching some of life’s greatest lessons to a former student, Mitch Albom, the author. Mitch, on his graduation from Brandeis University had promised to keep in touch with his favorite professor, Morrie Schwartz. But he never did until Morrie was dying. Morrie was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); a severe debilitating disease which had no medication indicated for its management at the time. Mitch’s reconnection with Morrie after sixteen years of lost contact gave Morrie an opportunity to teach on “the meaning of life” ...view middle of the document...

He also had massage therapists that came weekly to help him soothe the heavy stiffness he felt constantly. Without medical care, Morrie would not have lived the fourteen weeks it took to tell his story. The goal of provision of pharmaceutical care to terminally ill patients can be quality of life improvement with or without increase in life expectancy.
Every human being is like a precious gift waiting to be unwrapped. Developing a relationship with great communication is the only avenue to enjoying what they have to offer. Communication is the only way to unwrap the various layers of people. In every being, there is desire to communicate; to unwrap themselves and let other see what they carry on their inside. In a simple phrase, a cry-out for love! Morrie showed this through his relationship with Mitch, his former student. He needed to be unwrapped. He needed to be heard. The nurses spent a lot of time with Morrie but Mitch’s presence was different. Mitch’s close relationship with Morrie dated back to his college days, which made a difference in Morrie’s terminal life. Both of them would never have known they will yet influence each other later in life. Morrie had dreams of being a healthy old man. But life is full of unexpected events. Nobody knows what tomorrow really holds. This story emphasizes the potential value of building meaningful relationships with other people. One could help or be helped by a relationship developed today in the future. Hence, we need to open up and allow others into our world. Morrie needed someone to listen to his heart, while Mitch needed someone to give him a different perspective of life. Their reunion became the healing of two. There seems to be an invisible thread that links us with people who have a part to play in our lives. Developing a deeper relationship with others strengthens that thread.
When I was a child, I was very shy. As an introvert, I seldom expressed myself and did not relate very well with my peers. I was very inquisitive and always wanted to know why and how things were the way they were. At 16, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. My decision to follow Christ wholeheartedly was stimulated by the devotion of a family friend. It was one young pastor who was in charge of the teenager group in the church I attended that had a major impact on my life. His name was Daniel. I met Pastor Daniel in 1996. He was and still is a devoted Christian, full of wisdom and had great insights of the scriptures. He is a great communicator; he understands people and is very sacrificial. Above all, Daniel is humble, affable and a personable gentleman. He saw several qualities in me then I never knew I had. Being an avid reader himself, he stimulated my desire to read books on spirituality. Through his encouragement, my communication and relationships with others improved greatly. I overcame my apprehension and spoke regularly at our bible study meetings. He encouraged me to recite spiritual poems and to preach....

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