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Reflections On Human Experiences Essay

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Daniel Barnes Dr. Tammy Robinson English 101 10/16/08 Reflections on Human Experiences The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the freedom of the people to express themselves as they feel necessary. Because of this freedom many great writings have been published. Below are three reflections – all on different subjects – that allow us to experience a part of life that we may never get to experience otherwise. In her editorial to The New York Times (1996), Bharati Mukherjee exposes us to the struggles immigrants have, and compares the differing opinions her sister Mira and herself have about being an American citizen. Both came to this country from India 35 ...view middle of the document...

It is bankrupting our country, eroding our image around the world, and thousands are dying. The news sensationalizes the explosions and tallies the American casualties. What is not reported is that which Jason Christopher Hartley describes in his blog dated April 23, 2004. He takes the reader through an eye-opening encounter he had one day while serving in Iraq. He tells the heart-breaking account of a family who, mistaken for terrorists, are fired on by Humvee gunships. Hartley writes that he could handle the guy with the brain on the ground and both the dead women, but it was the three-year-old girl that got to him. This story and others like it must be told so the public understands the horrific events taking place in Iraq. Hartley expertly conveys this through this blog entry and in his subsequent book, Just Another Soldier. Although I have been against the war from the beginning, trying to comprehend the death toll was impossible for me. Reading this brought me face-to-face with the tragedy of a single family. That makes the war real. Since reading, and then re-reading those two-and-a-half pages, I am now finding myself trying to not think about what’s happening. I yearn to go back to when I didn’t see the war as personal, when I didn’t know about that little girl. The final reflection I chose to write about is an essay by Rick Bass called Why I Hunt: A Predator’s Meditation. This is a subject I am completely unfamiliar with, although I do have plenty of opinions. I pictured hunters as men who like to go into the forest and senselessly shoot everything they see. I didn’t have a very high...

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