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Psychology assignment (karon Chewter 7nd March 2016)

Psychology applied to health

Health psychology is the study of health, illnessillness, and health care practice. Health psychology as a unique area of psychology came to the forefront in the 1970s and has since grown. (Gross.R 2005)

Health psychology is an exciting and relatively new field devoted to understanding psychological influences on how people stay healthy, why they become ill and how they respond when they do get ill? It focuses on health promotion and maintenance, prevention ...view middle of the document...

Health psychology offers a holistic but fundamentally psychological approach to issues in health, illnessillness, and health care. (Sarafino .E 2006)

Adolescence is the period typically believed to be between childhood and adulthood. The word ‘adolescent’ comes from the Latin word adolescence meaning ‘to grow into maturity’ and involves multiple transitions (Gross 2010). Dropping out of school, being out of work, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases ,beingdiseases, being homeless, drug addiction and bingeand drinking are powerfulare powerful examples of the price that this group pay for their extended freedom. (Levy, S. (n.d)

The relation between health psychology and adolescent behaviours were investigated in subjects studied longitudinally. Adolescents who had experimented in some harmful chemical substance (binge drinking) experimentation were the best-adjustedbest adjusted in the sample. Adolescents who used binge frequently were neurotic, showing a distinct personality syndrome marked by interpersonal alienation, poor impulse control, and manifest emotional distress. Adolescents had never experimented with any harmful chemical substance were relatively anxious, emotionally constricted, and lacking in social skills. (Resnick .M 1997).

Health psychology is divided into two models, the biomedical model and biopsychosocial model. The biomedical model is the primary manner in which health care professionals diagnose and treat disease .The biomedical model of health states that the individual is not responsible for their illness and that the mind and body work independently from each other (Carmichael, M, 2010.). However, for example, in the case of an adolescent who enjoys binge eating or drinking, this indicates that there is a clear link between the mind and body due to the potential suffering from liver diseases after ingesting high level of alcohol. Therefore resulting in the person being responsible for their physical illness due to psychological illness. In this modelmodel, a symptom of illness is considered to have an underlying diseasesan underlying disease that will be hopefully but not inevitably cured through medical intervention which is the biomedical model. (Design, Mheducation) The assumption is that removal of diseases will lead to restore health. This is a relatively mechanistic view of how our bodies and organs work, fail, and can be treated. The biomedical model views have been described as reductionist i.e. the basic idea that mind, body and human behaviours can all be reduced to and explained at the level of cells, neural activity or biomedical activity. Reductionism tends to ignore evidence that different adolescents respond in different ways to the same underlying disease because of differences, for example, in personality, cognition, social support resourcesresources, and cultural beliefs. (Eysenck, M, 2006.)

‘‘The idea that mind and the body together determine health and illness...

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