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Reflective Essay

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My role as a student in higher education and
future healthcare practitioner

This essay will explore what I did before I became a student and what my roles are as a mental health student nurse as well as a future mental health nurse practitioner.
The essay will also identify an action plan off which will address my developmental needs as a student.

Before I became a student nurse I decided to go into higher education by starting with an access course to nursing while working as a carer assistant. On completion of this course it led me to a place at university, to study mental health nursing as my passion is to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from mental ill health.
Being in higher education has made me grow up more as it has made me realise how much responsibility is ahead of me and that there’s so much ...view middle of the document...

The university also expects me as a student to communicate justly when it involves my own personal information to the university and be responsible for my own learning therefore I need to attend every lectures in order to enhance my knowledge and manage my time accordingly in order to hand my assignments in on time.
I will always be accountable for doing my own work therefore I need to make sure that all work produced by me is nothing but off my own. This is different to when it will come to the time that I will go to my placement as I will be responsible for my actions but never professionally accountable for them as the registered practitioner of my placement will be instead.
I need to always make sure that my practical book is always completed and signed by my mentor whilst on placement.
Once I have completed my course and qualify as a mental health nurse, I will need to register with the nursing and midwifery council (NMC) and once this is done everything I will do whilst on duty I will become accountable for.
My role as future mental health nurse practitioner is to bide by patient confidentiality, meaning that any personal information I may know about my patients should always be kept personal.
I am expected to keep up to date with developments in my area of practice as a registered nurse and I need to keep up with the knowledge and skills I will need to safely and effectively practice.
According to the NMC code, I must always communicate clearly to patients, colleagues and multidisciplinary team with terms that they would understand therefore I need to be able to use verbal and non-verbal communication methods in order to meet people’s language and communication needs.
As a future practitioner I need to always keep a clear and precise records that are relevant to my practice by recording documents as events happen.

After reflecting on all the above, I believe that my action plans to develop my learning needs would be to improve on my IT skills


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