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Reflective Na Essay

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Aims and outcomes were set out at the beginning of the lesson; they linked with the unit’s assignment, so the learners were fully aware of the relevance to their course. Learners were moved into pre-set groups, this was determined by a part of the assignment in which they were working together on a presentation. The learners then worked together to complete Major Incidents anagrams. The anagrams were split into 4 and this was the number of groups in the class. Each group then fed back their answers to their peers. The learners remained in their groups for the remainder of the lesson. The learners were asked to identify points that define a major incident, they were told that the lecturer ...view middle of the document...

” It was obvious that planning had taken place; this was backed up by a PowerPoint presentation that was used to ensure that the lesson flowed. The lesson met the needs of the learners and the curriculum requirements. Equality and diversity was promoted throughout the lesson. At the end of the lesson the lecturer gave the learners the opportunity to give feedback to aid future lesson planning. The lesson seemed to come to an abrupt end, this lesson could have gone on longer and the learners may not have noticed as they were clearly interested in the subject matter.
The lessons began by the learners being moved into pre-determined groups that they remained in throughout the lesson. It was clear that the learners had been put with peers that were not within their regular group of friends. It was also clear that thought had gone into the group dynamics. Wilson (2008, p36) says “The value to the teacher of group work is – Less teacher-focused, teacher needs to monitor progress to keep on task, takes a long time to extract key points. The value to the learner – suits kinaesthetic learners and weak and strong learners work collectively.”
The activities during the lesson had been well planned and prepared for, the starter activity used anagrams related to the topic and each of the 4 groups had different anagrams that they then fed back to the group. The lecturer picked members of the team to write up an activity rather than the learners choosing, this ensured inclusion. Whilst watching a You Tube clip learners had questions that they needed to get the answers for from the clip, this ensured that the focus was on the clip and not chatting amongst themselves. Answers were then linked to their assignments. The group took their time over activities as they were engaged in the subject matter.
Reece and Walker (2003, p364) say “assessment should be an on-going activity throughout both the lessons and the course”. Tutor observation through questioning was the main form of assessment that I observed used during this lesson. Petty (2004, p192) says “Questioning is of...

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