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Reflective Novel Essay

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"There's a light at the end of every tunnel." If we break this quote up into two parts, the first picture that usually pops up into every one of our heads is the darkness itself--an area devoid of all light, a place where we can't perceive anything, a place where we're blind to every sneaky form lurking in its keep. The second part to this whole picture is the light in the distance, a light emitting from somewhere up above, a light that cuts off all that unwanted blindness. If we broaden our thinking a bit, we'll come to realize that not only is darkness all of those things previously mentioned, but so much more, and we'll also come to realize that there's always going to be a light at the ...view middle of the document...

This light was the death of Jack, and the arrival of the captain who rescued him with his ship at the end of this story. Ralph was finally free from running away from Jack's deadly spears and viciousness. He no longer had to put up with all his evil, and he could finally live in peace, go home to his parents, and be back in civilization where he so longed to be. Likewise, in Boy's Life, Dr. Lezander had committed his horrible crime of murdering that man down in Saxon's Lake. To make matters worse, however, he even tried to harm Cory. In fact, he broke Cory's arm, and put him in high danger of possibly getting shot when they were both in that car together where Dr. Lezander was attempting to escape. Yet still, he also got dragged down, the moment his car tumbled into Saxon's Lake. Justice was served right at that moment. Cory was able to get away from Dr. Lezander's immoral-self and run back into the care of his father's warm embrace. Clearly, the relation between evil and wickedness and the ability for light to have shown through, in a sense where both characters were saved from their doom, was revealed in both stories.Not only have the books we read contained that type of darkness, but it's also contained the type of darkness known as "jealousy and hatred." For instance, in Julius Caesar, Cassius, Caesar's supposedly loyal friend and confidant, secretly envies Caesar so much to the point where he just had to kill him. He made the whole affair even worse when he got up the nerve to ask Caesar's best friend, Brutus, to participate in this killing. It was such a sneaky and hostile thing to do. But, the luminescence of a few rays shone through to this, here, darkness when both Brutus and Cassius, in the end, had deep, sincere regret for what they did, and avenged Caesar's death in his honor. Before, they had betrayed Caesar and took him for all that he was worth, and now they had shone to be completely sorry for all they had committed. It was a true change and outbreak for these two. Besides this scenario, in A Winter's Tale, Leontes, blinded by his jealousy, sentenced his own honorable wife, Hermione, to death, just because he wrongly accused her of flirting with his best friend Polixenes. Once he had found out that he was entirely wrong about his accusation against her, it was too late, and Hermione had died--or so he thought. He mourned for days in his darkness, not forgiving himself for what he had done to his own wife. Nevertheless, he reached the end of that darkness, when he attained a second chance to live in matrimony with his wife once more, after Paulina had worked her "magic" to bring Hermione back. That was truly a rejoice-able day, because not only had Hermione come back from her so-called-death, but also now, her and Leontes would be able to start all over again and move on together, with newfound trust instilled in both of them. In these novels, jealousy and hatred are the representations for darkness, which light vanquishes and...

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