Reflective Practice On An Oncology Ward

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IntroductionDuring the last three months I was allocated into different oncology placements which included amongst others, Wonderland and the Malta Hospice Movement. During these placements I experienced many situations which were related not only to the physical care of patients, but also related to other aspects of care such as psychosocial care. However I had quite an interesting experience which I would like to elaborate on. This happened while I was working at the Malta Hospice Movement. In the next sections a detailed explanation of this experience will be given, using the Gibbs’ Reflective Practice Theory (1988).DescriptionI was allocated with a social worker during my placement ...view middle of the document...

FeelingsAs soon as I saw this lady smoking, I asked myself why was she still smoking after she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. At that moment I felt very sad about the situation, as her consultant had told her that her cancer is being controlled very well and that she has a chance of survival. However, after I spent sometime thinking about her situation, I try to put myself into her situation and found out that it is not easy to live with cancer. Smoking appears to be the only thing that helps her to cope better with her anxiety and stress, and therefore she might need some further help to get involved with other people and try to stop smoking.EvaluationAfter evaluating her situation, the social worker suggested to her to start going to activities at the Malta Hospice Movement which are held twice a week, and also to join the team on Wednesdays at the Razzett tal-Hbiberija for swimming sessions. She appeared to be delighted about joining the group especially for the swimming sessions as she said that she loved swimming. The intention of the social worker was to get her involved with other clients of the Malta Hospice Movement, to share her experiences and make new friends to help her cope better with her stress and anxiety, with the ultimate aim to start to cessate smoking. The fact that she was delighted to join the team for the activities, might be an indication that she is willing to socialize with other clients and try to improve her lifestyle.AnalysisThis particular situation makes me think that with a better social life, everyone could be capable of improving his / her lifestyle, not only those suffering from cancer but also those who are healthy and need to improve their lifestyle. However, it is never easy to find support, as sometimes help is not ready available and one could find it difficult to search for help. It is of great benefit for patients suffering from cancer, the presence of support groups such as the Malta Hospice Movement that have been created for the ultimate goal of providing help and...

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