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Refrigeration Refrigeration is defined as “The process of removing heat from an
enclosed space, or from a substance, to lower its pressure.” (First
website given in bibliography) In simpler terms, it is removing heat
from states of matter in order to keep them cooler. The basic need
for refrigeration is to cool food and beverages, as they often get
spoilt if the temperature is high. Before actual refrigerators and
other such mechanical systems were introduced, it was very common for
people to cool their food with ice and snow. These materials were
either gathered from ...view middle of the document...

The refrigerant is almost always ammonia because it
evaporates fast. All in all, the primary means of refrigeration is
the rapid expansion of gases that are caused by cooling. The second
law basically states that heat can only flow from warmer bodies to
colder bodies. If not, then from a substance at a certain temperature
to a temperature that is lower. This summarizes the general idea on
how a refrigerator works.

Economics has affected the way this device is used in several ways. A
refrigerator is an essential item in almost every household today. As
more are marketed, there is a demand for better quality, better
efficiency, and more modern refrigerators. They are used to not only
store leftovers, but pre-cooked meals as well. Human culture has
evolved greatly around refrigerators. A lot of stress can develop if
both parents in a family are working and there is no one to prepare a
meal. However, with refrigerators, only simple planning is required.
Society now demands refrigerators, the more advanced, the better. Ice
crushers, ice and water dispensers are now very popular additions to
these devices. When it comes to refrigerators, almost everyone is
seeking for all of these extra additions and requirements. On the
other side, politicians may pass policies, restricting technology and
as a result, fridges may not be produced to the optimal level.
Nevertheless the production and popularity of these devices keeps on
climbing high.

Unfortunately, health problems also arrive with...

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