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Regulations & Reality T.V.: Protection Or A Waste

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Reality television has been a burning fury of opinions as of late. Regulations are in question for this topic. This type of programming should be forced to have limitations. Drawbacks to regulations or reality T.V. are That they limit the reality of everyday living, viewers will not get a true experience of enjoyment; benefits would include regulations that are necessary, such as the limitations of bad influences on children, the less suggestive topics; the better T.V. quality actors, and shows will be made, and show on television.
In an article it states that shows such as “Survivor” are claimed too be unregulated due to its content. When its characters are signed to the shows, they are ...view middle of the document...

Referring back the mother’s argument, “watching the drama were Staub’s daughters, ages eleven & fifteen, whose mother had kept them in the room for the exchange.” Now in the state of New Jersey child labor laws prohibit minors appearing in productions dangerous to their, ”life, limb, health or morals.” But the state was not sure whether the laws were subject to the show because it was not rated for television, and there for not necessarily under the states law. (minorcon) Clearly the viewers see a scene not meant for children, but nothing is done. Regulations should be in place!
“Cons of other reality T.V. include scandals involving on screen participants. In the year2004, the cast of the show, “There’s something about Miriam” placed a lawsuit after learning the beautiful woman they were recording was actually a transsexual! This is a very strong example of why reality television should be regulated. This show portrays, a beautiful young woman doing very girly things which we all know is completely fine, and normal until we find out she is transsexual, and people will ask why is it that bad. Let the character be who he/she is. The bad part of this problem really is the fact that people like viewers are tricked, and children are prompted to think possibly he/she needs to make a change because it is popular. The real kick of the story though is when you hear, or know that this T.V. show is a reality dating show! Now not only is the show tricking viewers, but actual participants. Those participants are in potential relationships, and for those participants who are not into the same sex, or transsexual, are at a loss. For that reason, the show should have been not shown; and reality television should be regulate to the viewer, and maybe go as far to regulate the participants in some way that allows them to know something is going on.
Todays society is in a rage about reality T.V., but what would happen if it were told it change. The viewers know that all reality T.V. is drama. Inevitable in our world today. A minimization of drama would be awesome. What better way would we be able to do this than reality T.V. If is a person is against this make them think about it in a person perspective. “The FCC regulates what we see on T.V., but the shows are prohibited from rigging of any kind, exploiting children, and other such things as nudity and language that are not censored.” (Nutt, 2) Going back to the self-perspective view if you were on a television show. How fair would it be to on a show and t is rigged against you. So though it may not be you all the time how many times have you been rooting for a person on a show, and they get popped off. Now how real is that reality show you watch. Now why wouldn’t you want a regular show. Who cares if have a special relationship with a certain contestant. T.V. needs real shows, and all the benefits that come with it.
The history of television is a good example of why people were better back in the good ol’...

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